Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Utensil Pot Clip by Trudeau

Cooking is a very popular but messy affair in The Daily Kool household. We tend to favor many one-pot wonders for our meals, like soups (especially from our Daily Soup Cookbook) and stews. Most of our dishes require lots of loving attention, and yes, plenty of stirring. There's only one problem. For some strange reason, we have always had an aversion to using a spoon rest. We hate the thing...who knows why. Just chalk it up to one of many, many little quirks that our psychologist would have a field day with...yep, we've definitely been avoiding him these days. Anyway, we usually just settle for setting our stirring utensils right there on the stovetop, cringing at the mess, but resigning ourselves to just dealing with it later. Okay, so we're a little strange.

Did you ever get one of those goofy little kitchen gadgets that you suspected doubted would ever rise above the bottomless pit of your junk drawer? We admit it, we were convinced the utensil pot clip by Trudeau completely fell into that category...until we used it for the first time, that is. It's colorful, it's cute and it's one of the "koolest" kitchen gizmos we've come across since um, the widget or something. Who knew this little guy could become so indispensable? Designed to clamp securely to the side of most saucepans and stockpots, the
utensil pot clip features an arced slot to hold the handle of a spoon, turner or ladle. It is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees and prevents drips on the stovetop, keeps utensils handy and eliminates the need for that darn spoon rest.

utensil pot clip is such a simple, yet innovative solution to a common problem...we're just steamed that we didn't think of it first! We have a couple and we really use them all the time, especially when we've got a crowd coming for a big meal. Keep in mind that unless you find them at your local Bed Bath & Beyond or other kitchen store, the company selects the colors at random so you won't likely get your preference. Our pots are black, so it didn't make a difference to us. Also, though we've never, ever had this problem, we did come across one person who complained that the silicone bumpers kept coming off in the pot. Nouvelle cuisine, perhaps? Anyway, there's a whopping five-year warranty on this $7 item, so if you ever have a problem, Trudeau will take care of it.

utensil pot clip by Trudeau is an absolute must-have for anyone who likes to cook, but dreads the traditional spoon rest. Okay, so it's great regardless of whether or not you have the same wacky pet peeves that we do here at The Daily Kool. It has truly become one of those practical, space-saving kitchen gadgets that we now wonder how we ever got along without. Easy to use, easy to clean and oh so convenient, the utensil pot clip has permanently found it's place of honor far, far away from our infamous junk drawer. Man, we really have to clean that thing out one of these days.

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  1. A couple of our loyal readers wanted to see a demonstration of how the utensil pot clip really works. Here you go...

  2. It is an excellent space saver - eliminating the need for a spoon rest. It is made with a high quality stainless steel finish and high-heat resistant silicone (up to 600ºF/260°C) which remains cool to the touch. It is dishwasher safe and available in a variety of colors.