Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: TykeLight Portable GloMate by Mobi

When our youngest son turned three, he suddenly developed a huge fear of the dark. And we mean huge! He was nervous driving in a dark car at night, insisted on being carried at night (the moon was scary, also), and refused to go into any room that didn't already have a light on. He has always shared a room with his big brother...this helped him feel a bit more secure at bedtime, at least. Unfortunately, if he had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he would become hysterical crying when big brother refused to wake up to take him (our oldest is a very sound sleeper). Our poor son was having a very difficult time maintaining his typical independence and we had to find some way to help him.

Much of our son's fear of the dark (yes, he still has it) is a result of his overactive imagination. We didn't have this challenge with the first child..he's very "black and white" by nature. But our youngest one has always been more creative, telling us fanciful stories of magical creatures and faraway places almost from the time he started speaking. He sees unicorns and dragons in the shapes of the clouds...our oldest tends to envision the state of Missouri (go figure). So, it's not hard to understand that our little boy sees all sorts of scary stuff lurking in the shadows of the dark.

The TykeLight Portable GloMate from Mobi has become a lifesaver for us and our now four year old son. They don't come much cuter than this little guy! This portable nightlight is a cuddly plaything with a friendly, silky feel that he can snuggle up with on a dark night. Mobi has really done a great job with this one...our son hardly ever puts it down, even during the day. The kid-friendly, grab-'n-go design make it really easy. The different color options have actually made our
TykeLight Portable GloMate a four-in-one toy for our son. "Greenie" checks hallways and dark rooms to make sure they're safe to enter. "Tiki" (she's a girl, and the solid red mode) loves to play with stuffed animals, often disciplining them when they deserve a time out. "Bud" (blue mode) likes to hang out and watch TV, while "Mobi" stays on the nightstand to cycle through the rainbow of colors to help him fall asleep at night. Seriously, folks...we have to be the only family that has a GloMate with a split personality!

Future psychological bills aside, the
TykeLight Portable GloMate nightlight has really helped our son overcome his fears. It stays on the charger base, where he can take it off whenever he wants to play with it. We love that it doesn't need batteries or power, the safe and efficient LED's keep it completely cool to the touch. It gives off just enough light to keep the monsters away, but not so much that keeps him awake at bedtime. Our only complaint is that the 15 minute timer only works with the solid blue mode...we would have liked that options with all of the colors (particularly the rainbow one). Regardless, the adorable TykeLight Portable GloMate is kid-tough, works great and is perfectly safe for even young ones. What a great gift idea for a baby shower or anyone with smaller children. Ours is definitely a welcome addition to The Daily Kool family.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Method Le Scrub Soft Abrasive Cleaner

Today is the day for cleaning the bathrooms in The Daily Kool household. The master bath is usually not a big deal, but the kids' bathroom? Oh, my goodness gracious! After only one week, the fumes are enough to make us gag, our eyes water and, quite frankly, almost knock us over in a dead faint. But then again, we have boys...and they stand up when using the toilet...and they love to play with their favorite appendage...enough said? All the air fresheners in the world can't compete with that stench. What's a parent to do?

Go in with a mask and gloves, and hope for the best, that's what. Well, being armed with an amazing cleanser certainly doesn't hurt, either. Method Le Scrub soft abrasive cleanser really does the trick. Ever since one of our beloved followers suggested we try out the fabulous Method Best in Glass cleaner (see previous post), we have become huge fans of this fabulous company...and our windows have never been cleaner! One by one, we have gone away from the traditional cleansers that we grew up with, and have been replacing them with Method's non-toxic, vegan and environmentally friendly home cleaning solutions.
Method Le Scrub is no exception.

Method Le Scrub is a eucalyptus mint scented, mildly abrasive cleanser for deep cleaning the bathroom...deep cleaning is definitely the way to go in our home! It uses finely milled marble with naturally-derived, biodegradable ingredients to remove tough stains. Grime, soap scum, hard water deposits and mildew are no match for this gentle, yet powerful cleanser. Seriously folks, this works just as well as (if not better than) the stuff Mom used. And, ahhhhh....the smell is just plain wonderful! Method Le Scrub makes even our kids' bathroom smell like a spa!

Sure, you can always make your own at-home natural soft scrub cleaner (we've put the recipe below), but when you have a cruelty-free company that does it so well for you, why bother? Method Le Scrub soft abrasive cleanser is pretty cost-effective (a little goes a long way) has amazingly "kool" packaging (check out the sponge holder at the top!) and is readily available for purchase at our local Target store. Plus, we feel good about letting our kids help out cleaning with it...for more reasons than one. What more could we ask for? Well , maybe a girl next time!

Homemade Soft Abrasive Cleanser (if you are so inclined)

  • 1 2/3 cups baking soda, sifted
  • 1/2 cup liquid castille soap
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • a couple of drops of tea tree oil, optional (works as a disinfectant)
  • an empty ketchup, or other squeeze-type bottle
  1. Stir liquid soap into sifted baking soda.
  2. Add the water, and stir until smooth.
  3. Add vinegar and stir some more.
  4. Add essential tea tree oil, if using.
  5. Pour into empty bottle.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Snap Capp Reclosable Can Tops

We at The Daily Kool are huge soda drinkers. Oh yeah, we love them all...from Coca Cola to Orange Crush to Canada Dry Ginger Ale, each one of us has our own soft drink obsession. Are we the picture of good, healthy habits, or what? We're actually pretty good about drinking mostly water, especially since we've found Fiji, but sometimes, we just have have a can of soda with a nice meal. There's just something about the fizzy tickling sensation going down the back of the throat, coupled with just the right amount of sweetness...ah, instant satisfaction.

Because everyone has his/her own favorite, we tend to keep a variety of cold soda cans on hand in our fridge for family and company. Why cans, you ask? Yes, 2-liter bottles are much more cost-effective, but cans allow us to cater to everyone's tastes while monitoring intake at the same time...we make it a point to restrict ourselves to one can a day...with the exception of club soda. Cans of club soda (we like La Croix) are great for getting a healthier soda fix on the go.

Like most people, our biggest challenge with cans is keeping the soda from going flat...unless we drink the whole can at once, of course. We have no shame in admitting that we refuse to drink soda that has gone flat...we're kind of snobbish that way. We have tried out so many "fizz keepers" over the years, without much luck. A couple of weeks ago though, we came across these amazing Snap Capp reclosable can tops. Made in the U.S.A. (a big plus with us), plastic
Snap Capps convert an ordinary 12 or 16 oz aluminum beverage can into a portable, recloseable and non-spilling bottle. Okay, we were definitely intrigued enough to try this one out.

We just love it when a product does exactly what it says! We purchased a sleeve of eight
Snap Capps in different colors to test out at home. We chose Orange Crush for the test to make sure we used something that would clearly show up if the product leaked. After opening the can, we simply snapped the cap onto it. It took surprisingly little effort, and the Snap Capp made a clear "pop" when it was on correctly. We then twisted open the top cover, and drank from the soda as if it were a bottle. Wow, it really was a spill-proof seal...kool!

After a couple of sips, we put the can back into the refrigerator to let it sit for a few days. Our soda actually stayed fresh and fizzy for four days, which is about the same amount of time a two liter bottle will keep in our house. After enjoying the rest of our orange soda, we held onto the
Snap Capp, squeezed the middle of the can, and popped it right off. A quick rinse with hot water, and we were ready to use it again.

There are so many things we like about our
Snap Capp recloseable can tops. The assorted colors ensure that each person remembers which is his or her can...a particular advantage at some of our family gatherings. Spillage is much less likely, especially in the car or with the long as the cap is on, of course. Don't get us wrong. We didn't exactly shake the can vigorously for several minutes after putting on the Snap Capp...we're not sure we're all that interested in testing it that extensively, anyway. But, with normal use, we found the seal perfectly tight. Plus it makes drinking from a can safer; we don't have to worry about cutting ourselves on any sharp, metal parts. The best part is how much less soda waste we have...we no longer feel the need to polish off a whole can in one sitting. We just put the leftovers back in the fridge until later, without worrying about it going flat.

Snap Capp reclosable can tops are great for picnics, parties, in the car and even at the office. We even brought a couple to the zoo last week for when we treated ourselves to a couple of cans from the machine. The Snap Capp gave us the flexibility to walk around, without being encumbered with open beverage cans. We're definitely giving a couple of these to our fellow soda, energy drink and yes, even beer lovers!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Magic School Bus Television Series

We were talking on the phone with our brother yesterday, when we somehow got on the topic of this year's Halloween costume ideas for the kids. Last we heard, our oldest son wanted a black Spiderman costume (easy), while our youngest chose to be Boots, the monkey from Dora (not quite as easy). Anyway, as we were having our conversation, our 8 year old suddenly said from the background that he now wanted to be Arnold from the Magic School Bus television show. We were shocked to find out that our brother, the brilliant pediatrician, had never even heard of this Scholastic series. How embarrassing for him, we teased in our typical smug sibling fashion. Then, much to our brother's glee, our four year old insisted that he now wanted to be Phoebe, the redheaded girl...yeah, like we'll ever hear the end of that one from big brother. Darn it...we hate it when he gets the upper hand!

Magic School Bus television series features the antics of Ms. Frizzle (voiced by Lily Tomlin) and her class of eight children who have a unique way of learning about the world around them. The Frizz's ever-changing wardrobe hints at each clever episode's scientific concept to be explored, just before the class is whisked away on an exciting field trip aboard their magical school bus. Each adventure takes them literally behind the scenes, sometimes by shrinking them to the size of blood cells, other times turning them into bats (or salmon, or butterflies).

Magic School Bus clearly demonstrates the creators' brilliant imagination and passion for science. We absolutely love the concept of this Discovery Kids series. There is so much color and activity packed into each episode that it may seem a bit frantic at times, but it keeps our kids mesmerized all the same. Plus, the theme index on the Scholastic website makes it easy to find shows that relate specifically to what our children are currently learning in school. Excellent!

It's easy to understand the popularity of the
Magic School Bus television series with children, parents and educators alike (though, perhaps not pediatricians). It's humorous, suspenseful, educational and just downright fun...our kids are both completely addicted to it. We love how it encourages kids to "take chances, make mistakes and get messy." Plus, they don't even realize how much they are actually learning. There are so few television shows for kids that hit the mark like this one does. Field trip, everyone!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Done Right Multiple Cook Time Kitchen Timer

Fall is a busy time for The Daily Kool family. This is the time of year that we celebrate the season with large dinner parties. Oh, and we invite everyone! Ah, is definitely the catalyst that brings us all together. Always has been. It's nothing for us to expect 30-40 guests in our admittedly small home for an elaborate dinner. Over the past ten years of our marriage (yikes!), our household has truly become the destination for meals galore. We only have one one brings food. Bottles of wine? Sure. Soda? Absolutely. The food though, is our domain, and we always look forward to testing out new and exciting dishes on our more than willing company. Have we mentioned how much we love to cook?

We live for the moment when our guests marvel at the sheer genius of our culinary skills...not that it happens often. Okay, we admit it...we always mess a couple of things up with every dinner. We have so many dishes in various stages of preparation, cooking and plating, at least a few of them always fall through the cracks. Over-boiled soup, scorched veggies, mushy risotto and dry (we sometimes forget to baste) turkey are just a few examples of the disasters we've encountered over the years. It's not easy staying on top of everything all at once.

Thank goodness for our cousin. Last time she came over, she gave us this absolutely adorable Done Right multiple cook time kitchen timer as a hostess gift. Check it out...there are five (count them) separately functioning timers in one oven-shaped package. Each of the five timers gives off a sound flashes with a light when ready. This little guy is just what we need to stay on track! We love how we can correspond the stove top timers with each of our burners, while the front timer reminds us when to check the oven. We were actually amazed how easy the
Done Right timer was to program, even for us technically inept folks. Just press the 1 or 5 minute increment button until the desired time is reached and press's that simple. Seriously, how great is this little gadget? And, why didn't we think of it first, darn it?

There are a couple of things that we've noticed with our own
Done Right multiple cook time kitchen timer that we wanted to pass along. First off, the alarm itself is fairly low, which is why they've added the flashing light component, we suppose. It would have been nice to have a volume adjustment option. Honestly though, it's not much (if at all) lower than our regular oven timer. Plus, one of us is always in the kitchen, so it's not particularly a problem for us. Also, we always use the company's suggestions for prolonging battery life. When we aren't cooking up a storm, we remove one of the four AA batteries, and usually make sure to stop the flashing light before its one-minute automatic shut off. You can find this kitchen timer at several websites, including Amazon, Target and Walmart. Our research though, shows that QVC seems to currently have the best price at just under $20 (plus shipping)...this the the main link we've provided throughout the post.

We love our
Done Right multiple cook time kitchen timer so much, we leave it out on our stove top, even when we're not using it. Sure, it's a little larger than your standard kitchen timer, but talk about a fabulous conversation piece. What a wonderful novelty gift for anyone who spends oodles of time in the kitchen...particularly those of us who need a little help with the orchestration and execution of our larger dinner parties. Form and function are definitely the right combination with this super "kool" idea. Of course, we've just eliminated our best (and most plausible) excuse for a not-so-perfect meal. Aargh...the pressure!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: BioBag Dog Waste Bags

Yesterday, we were playing catch with our kids in our development's common grassy area. It was great to have some old-fashioned outside time, though it was admittedly hard to ignore the oppressive heat of the Florida sun. Anyway, here we were, running for a long pass from one of our football stars-to-be, when we suddenly felt the ground get squishy beneath our feet. Holy sh..achem, oh cra...uh...oh, pooh! Literally. You guessed it, our big feet had landed in a pile of doggy doo. Do you have any idea what it's like getting that stuff off the bottom of sneakers with ridges? Ugh...we shudder just thinking about it.

Okay, here's the kicker. While we were away on vacation last week, our home owners association sent a letter to everyone, reminding us of our legal obligation to clean up after our dogs. Apparently, we aren't the only ones scrubbing our shoes these days. While it's admirable that our community is taking a more active role in keeping our grass play-friendly and poop-free, we have a sudden (and unpleasant) vision of our dumpsters filling up with tons of plastic supermarket bags. We are seriously considering giving each of our dog owner neighbors a roll of BioBags.

Made from GMO free certified corn instead of polyethylene,
BioBag dog waste bags are the first biodegradable and compostable "plastic" pooper bags in the world. Think about it...using regular plastic bags to dispose of pet waste prevents natural decomposition. It just doesn't make sense to put 100% biodegradable dog waste into plastic bags that can take over 100 years to decompose. BioBags have given us a practical solution to a common problem. The waste and the bag can be thrown into a backyard compost, where both items can decompose naturally; the waste and bag can be buried, where micro-organisms will quickly eat both; the waste and bag can be set at curbside with other yard waste where communities collect biodegradable waste for composting.

Okay, so maybe we're a little pathetic to be getting so excited about dog waste bags...but we really love our
BioBags, especially now that they come available on a roll. We admit to falling for the "biodegradable" claim on another brand of widely available poop bags, only to find out that they are misleading the public and do not meet every state's standards. We won't mention names, but shame on them! Anyway, we do still have the dispenser from that's super-convenient, and apparently the new BioBags on a roll should fit in it beautifully. Excellent!

It is the responsibility of every dog owner to clean up after your pet. If you are looking for a dog waste bag that completely biodegradable,
BioBags are definitely worth checking out. They even come in two sizes, regular and large. Just remember that they do have a shelf life, as with any biodegradable and compostable bag. The best part, though? They are sturdy enough to handle even tough messes without puncturing in mid-scoop...anyone who has had the pleasure of their fingers breaking through one of those flimsy regular plastic bags can appreciate this statement. Oh boy, could we tell you stories (shuddering again)! Okay, so BioBags aren't free like grocery bags. But they are reasonably priced, especially considering how much better they are for the environment. We at The Daily Kool all agree...BioBags are definitely a "kool" idea!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Kool on Vacation: "Kool" Idea Review - Sketchers Shape Ups

The Daily Kool is on a family vacation this week. To our most valued readers, we hope you enjoy this week-long review of some of our past posts. We hope you will find these ideas as "kool" as we do!

We have worn our Sketchers Shape Ups fitness shoes this entire week we've been away and love them just as much as when we first purchased them. We have literally walked miles and miles in our Sketchers Shape Ups...boy, are our calves (and backs) thanking us!

Sketchers Shape Ups Fitness Shoes

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Kool on Vacation: Kool Idea Review - Stuff for Pets

The Daily Kool is on a family vacation this week. To our most valued readers, we hope you enjoy this week-long review of some of our past posts. We hope you will find these ideas as "kool" as we do!

Boy, do we love our pets! Check out some of our favorite ideas to help spoil the dog or cat in your life:

"Kool" ideas for pets

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daily Kool on Vacation: Kool Idea Review - For Baby

The Daily Kool is on a family vacation this week. To our most valued readers, we hope you enjoy this week-long review of some of our past posts. We hope you will find these ideas as "kool" as we do!

We all want what's best for our our case, our friends' babies. If you're looking for some great ideas for baby, check out some of our previous reviews.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daily Kool on Vacation: Kool Idea Review - Esphera Puzzles

The Daily Kool is on a family vacation this week. To our most valued readers, we hope you enjoy this week-long review of some of our past posts. We hope you will find these ideas as "kool" as we do!

Our very first product review is possibly still our absolute favorite. Esphera puzzles are some of the "koolest" available and a favorite in The Daily Kool family. We have a beautiful collection of them displayed in our home.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Daily Kool on Vacation: Kool Idea Review - As Seen on TV Products

The Daily Kool is on a family vacation this week. To our most valued readers, we hope you enjoy this week-long review of some of our past posts. We hope you will find these ideas as "kool" as we do!

We at The Daily Kool are well known for our obsession with infomercials and As Seen on TV products. Here is a sampling of the ones we have featured over the past few months. Enjoy!

Kool As Seen on TV Ideas

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Dynamic Frames Lil Davinci Art Cabinet

Every school year, we are faced with the same dilemma of every nursery/preschool parent...just how much of our child's artwork is it okay to throw out? If we asked our son, his answer would be passionately and unequivocally, "None." Don't judge us, and please, please don't tell him, but as a rule, we haven't kept more than five of his masterpieces from year to year. We just have to wait until he's out of the house to get rid of the others, and even then, we have to be careful to bury it waaaay down in the garbage so he doesn't find out what we did. Pretty sneaky, huh? Seriously though, we just cannot understand how some parents do it (our Mom did)...if we kept every piece of artwork our four year old came home with, we'd have no room to walk.

Well, thanks to the Dynamic Frames company, we have the perfect solution to handle all of our son's artwork. Check out this Lil Davinci Art Cabinet. Simply put, it's a slim art cabinet that looks like a frame, but stores like an album. The spring-loaded corners make it possible to hold up to 50...yes, you heard us right, 50 pages to archive all of a child's creativity. There's a discreet hinge to open the front of the
Lil Davinci Art Cabinet and easily update the display, with older creations stored safely behind.

We love, love love this idea! The
Lil Davinci Art Cabinet boasts an ultra-thin profile (just over 1 inch thick), and a single bevel cut acid-free mat. Each frame is made from wood and is offered in a choice of black, white or cherry finish. Since our son comes home with more construction paper type drawings and paintings than any other size, we selected the 9" x 12" Lil Davinci Art Cabinet to start out the school year. Dynamic Frames does offer other sizes, though. Plus, it comes with everything we need, including mounting hardware and a hanging template with a horizontal or vertical option. The table stand is a nice touch...we have more empty wall space than table space though, so we won't be using it.

Let's face it...children grow up before we know it. As parents, we want to keep as many of our children's treasures as possible. Dynamic Frames makes it easy to protect their artistic masterpieces. The
Lil Davinci Art Cabinet is a unique and wonderful way to showcase masterpieces and store mementos at the same time, all while boosting our child's self-esteem with their proud display. The best part? No more refrigerator clutter. What a "kool" gift for anyone with a young child. Our covert trash moves are officially over.

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Today's Kool Idea: Human Key Holder (His and Hers)

The Daily Kool is always losing things. We just don't have enough storage space in our home to accommodate all of the...hmmm, what's the politically correct word here? Stuff! Yeah, stuff...that's it. Gotta keep our post family-friendly here, folks. No matter how organized we try to be, we wind up wasting a ton of time each day looking around for our (achem)...stuff. Just last night we searched high and low for our son's Lakers jersey that he just has to wear to basketball camp today. Our house is really not that big. Our keys are the absolute worst...they're right up there with that one sock our dryer eats every time we do laundry. They always disappear, especially when we are in a rush. After all these years together, we still haven't really designated a proper place for our keys. We usually jut toss them on the dining room table when we walk through the front door. We definitely need a better solution.

When we're looking for something really creative and distinctive for our home, we always go online, and often to our friends They never fail to have some really "kool" ideas. Check out these human key holders, for example. With their sleek and modern look, these chrome-plated little guys were noted for a Peugeot Design Award a couple of years ago. Such a great example of function and fun in one convenient product! They come with a "dummy" (no comments, please) key to attach to the rest of our keys...simply insert it into the male or female forms. The
human key holders are actually sold separately with your choice of his or hers...we just ordered both versions this morning for a complete look.

We can't wait to get our his and hers
human key about a conversation piece. We just have to make sure not to mount them by the front door or within a window view. No reason to take a chance. These "kool" key holders are so terrific, we'll never have to worry about losing our keys again. Now...where is that darn Lakers jersey?

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Dog and Cat Staple-Free Staplers

Yesterday, The Daily Kool took a family trip to shop for school supplies. Trust us, that was not easy, even at matter how often we pressed that darned button. Anyway, a whopping $80 later (no joke), we still had to go online to get a couple of things the stores didn't seem to carry. One was a staple-free stapler. Call us dopey (that's okay...many people have), but we didn't know that staple-free staplers even existed. Apparently, this requirement is just one of many "earth friendly" solutions that our son's Pre-K teacher is trying to bring awareness to. That's what we get for putting him in private school, we guess. Don't get us wrong...we are big supporters of going green. It would have been nice though, if we had been given a clue as to where to get a staple-free's only Pre-K for goodness sake! So, naturally we went online to continue our search.

Okay, once we saw these adorable dog and cat staple-free staplers, can you blame us for getting them? Thank goodness our four year old son doesn't have a macho image to maintain. After we did some reading, staple-free stapling is actually a very interesting concept. Simply put, these
dog and cat staple-free staplers cut out tiny strips of paper and use them to stitch and collate up to five pieces of paper together. Staples are a thing of the past, at least for the smaller jobs...we'll stick to our traditional Slimline for the big ones. For children, the dog and cat staple-free staplers are not only environmentally friendly, but safe as well.

dog and cat staple-free staplers are not just for kids, though. What a great gift they'd make for any environmentally conscious pet lover! Our son is going to be the "koolest" kid in his Pre-K class when he brings in these whimsical little guys. Okay, now where's our Sharpie? We are definitely going to put his name on them in permanent ink.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Micro S'mores - Microwave S'more Maker

Guess what The Daily Kool found out? There is actually a National S'mores Day, and it's today (August 10)! Ah, s'mores...the delicious gooey campfire treat that is made up of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. These are even worse than those potato chips (sorry, Lays). There is no way we can eat just one...we need "s'more, s'more!" Hence, the name. Bet you didn't know that, did you?

We have to admit that we're a bit confused, happens to us often, we're afraid (must be the sugar high). Why on earth is National S'mores Day in August when National Camping Month is June? Darn we have yet another excuse to indulge in this decadent dessert. Our taste buds might be cheering, "Hooray," but our ever-expanding waistlines are shouting "No way." No doubt about it, taste buds win hands down. There's only one problem. How do we make s'mores at home without the benefit of a roaring campfire?

Check out the Micro S'mores microwave s'mores maker. We came across this nifty little gadget while watching the cooking show on QVC yesterday...Sunday's cleaning day, and we do need some non-cartoon entertainment every once in a while. Anyway,
Micro S'mores (complete with recipe book) claims to make the most delicious s'mores you've ever had in ten seconds or less. The process is simple...just load the Micro S'mores with a graham cracker, chocolate and one marshmallow (don't forget to top with another cracker), pop on the lid and microwave on high for 10 seconds. The domed cover is apparently designed to ensure even microwave energy distribution from the inside out, keeping the graham cracker crisp while completely melting the chocolate and marshmallow. At the same time, the auto-plunger applies just the right amount of pressure to form the perfect s'more.

While it is unlikely that the
Micro S'mores will yield that true roasted marshmallow flavor of a traditional s'more (really, how could it?), it certainly offers a yummy alternative. Plus, if it works as well as it seems to on television, The Daily Kool is absolutely sold. The overwhelming positive reviews suggest that the Micro S'mores is just as great as it seems. Sure, we could probably produce passable results with a simple tea light and save the $22 or so. But the Micro S'mores seems like a lot of quick, kid-friendly fun. Plus, it'll give us a great opportunity to experiment with different s'mores flavors, right in our kitchen. How "kool" is that?

We love that the order actually comes with a set of two individually boxed items. We'll probably give the second one as a housewarming gift. Think of how impressive it would be to fill a large basket with the
Micro S'mores, surrounded by packages of graham crackers, cookies, marshmallows and different types of chocolate. Oh, yeah...our friends love us. In the meantime, try this twist (albeit extreme) on a genuine classic. Enjoy!

Caramelicious Cookie S'mores
two oversized chocolate chip cookies
1 caramel-filled chocolate piece, your brand of choice (we like Ghiradelli)
1 large marshmallow

Directions: Place the caramel-filled chocolate piece on one cookie, top with a marshmallow, and top with the second cookie. Put it into the
Micro S'mores and cook for 7-10 seconds.

Note: If you're going the traditional way, heat your marshmallow over a fire. Place the chocolate onto a cookie. Top one cookie with your toasted marshmallow and close like a sandwich.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Psych on USA Network

The end of summer also marks the return of some of our beloved television shows. If you twist our arms a little (very little, we're kinda wimpy), we will admit that there has been a reality show or two that has kept our sadistic side entertained these past few months. Okay, so we love Hell's Kitchen...sue us. We are truly happy to have some of our regular favorites coming back, though. Psych on USA Network is one of them. Yep, the new season airs tonight...hooray!

We actually saw the July 2006 pilot of
Psych on our iPod about two years ago. It was a a free download, and we still had rabbit ears on our television (okay, we're wimpy and cheap), so we didn't get any USA Network shows. Well, one episode and we were intrigued enough to download the first two seasons. By the time we got satellite TV (thanks to our older son's ESPN obsession), we were hooked...Psych is a really, really well done show.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing it,
Psych is a quick-witted comedy/drama about a quirky, yet extremely talented police consultant named Shawn Spencer. Shawn possesses uncanny powers of observation honed by his police officer father, Henry, who drilled him as a child to note even the smallest of details from his surroundings. Shawn's talent gets him in trouble though, when he calls the cops with a tip he notices from watching the news. Using his charisma and over-the-top theatrics, Shawn convinces the police that he's actually a psychic, and they hire him to help solve some of their tougher cases. Shawn enlists the help of his best friend and sidekick Gus, and together they open their own PI agency, appropriately named Psych.

Okay, so
Psych's premise is gimmicky, and a bit of a stretch. But, the combination of a wickedly clever script and appealing characters really makes it work. You just gotta love a guy who enjoys messing with other people's heads as much as Shawn does. Our sadistic streak is at it again! We love the by-play between the polar opposite personalities of Shawn and Gus. Plus, it's just plain fun seeing Shawn's antics exasperate all the men, yet fascinate all the women...oh yeah, this fellow is quite the charmer.

Let's face it...after a long week of work and the kids, it's nice to be able to sit back and relax with
Psych on a Friday night. Engaging enough to keep us in hysterics for much of the hour-long duration, plus intelligent enough to have us coming back for more, Psych is one "kool" series. You might want to check it out...we're totally psyched (sorry, had to fit that one in) that it's back tonight.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Kooky Klickers Pens

The Daily Kool is always on the lookout for things to help us lighten up. No, we're not talking about our weight here (though, we could probably use something for that also). We have a thing for fads that are just too cute to resist...yep, we are suckers for a smile. Let's face it, life is not always easy. Sometimes we just need to take a time out and appreciate the little things in life...a child's laugh, a sunny morning, extra sleep on a special morning, a Kooky Klickers pen.

Kooky Klickers pens? You've got to admit, they are pretty hard to resist. In case you haven't noticed them (we can't imagine how though), Kooky Klickers are a collection of fun, colorful pens that have unique faces and crazy hair. Each has his/her own name and is a member of a Krew, which is kind of like a little family. Kids use them to write with and also collect and trade with their friends. Our boys clip them on their backpacks.

Kids? Yeah, right. We've seen almost as many adults with
Kooky Klickers pens as kids. We have certainly horded a few for ourselves. Nope, we just can't resist these cute, albeit ridiculous faces with the fuzzy koosh ball top. We like to keep one on our keychain...hey, you never know when you might need a pen to write with. There's a running joke in our house that our Kooky Klickers pen of the day reflects what kind of mood we're in. Our DaVinci Kooky is our "go to pen" for happy days, but when the kids see Digby, they know we'll be short on patience. It's amazing how angelic our boys suddenly become when they see Digby...hmmm, we think we'll be taking him out a lot more often.

Whether you prefer adorable, silly or just plain weird, there's a
Kooky Klickers pen to fit everyone's personality (and mood). These little guys have become quite the collectible item. We even gave them out as party favors for our son's birthday last year. If we're going to write with a pen, why not use one with style and flair? Kooky Klickers pens are a whimsical way to escape from the, they're just plain fun! Let's face it...being kooky is pretty "kool".

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: H2Glow Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light

We been having an ongoing challenge these days in The Daily Kool household. Our boys are at the age when we have to constantly remind them to wash their hands. It's not as if we are obsessive about cleanliness (well, maybe just a little). We do have rules, though. Washing hands after coming in from the outside, after meals and certainly after using the toilet shouldn't be too much to ask, right? Apparently, it just might least for our boys. You should just hear some of the arguments and excuses coming out of our two little guys...everything from "My leg hurts and I can't stand by the sink" to "My hands aren't that sticky from the breakfast syrup." Our favorite of course, is the ever-popular "Hey, we stand up anyway...what's the big deal?" Imagine our embarrassment when our four year old proudly confessed to his grandmother how often he and his brother try to "trick us" into thinking that they've washed their hands (as if we didn't know). Seriously, they expend more energy trying to avoid washing their hands than it would just take to do it already. Sheesh!

Yesterday, we visited a friend that we hadn't seen in a while. She had just renovated her guest bathroom with a more modern motif. She opted for one of those glass sinks sitting on a pedestal and colorful mosaic tile along the walls. Perhaps the "koolest" feature however, was the H2Glow temperature sensitive LED faucet light she had installed.
H2Glow works by illuminating the water as it comes out of the faucet. The water glows deep blue when it is safe to touch and automatically switches to red when it starts to get too hot. How great is this? H2Glow seems to be just what we need to help encourage our kids to wash their hands more often. Adults clearly think it's pretty terrific also (our friend doesn't even have children). We want it! We want it!

After doing a bunch of online research,
H2Glow really seems to be the highest quality temperature sensitive LED faucet light available. This fully automatic gadget comes with the faucet attachment, two adaptors, batteries, a spare filter screen, water flow restrictor and a manual. We took a look online at the installation instructions, and they seem pretty easy and straightforward...just seven steps. We would anticipate our kids using a lot more water with the H2Glow (hey, that's kind of the point, right), so the built in flow-limiter takes a load off of our environmentally conscious (and thrifty) minds. Plus, not only has H2Glow received overwhelmingly glowing (we couldn't resist) reviews, but Sector Labs (the company who makes it) has a great reputation for ensuring customer satisfaction. We never know when we might have an issue, so a company who guarantees their products is a big draw, especially when we are ordering online.

We can truly envision our bathroom soon becoming the most popular room in the house with the
H2Glow temperature sensitive LED faucet light. We love the safety element with this...what a great way to avoid burning little hands with scalding water! We must point out though, as parents, we would seriously caution our kids to always be careful and not to completely depend on it to determine how safe the water is to touch. We just love the entertainment value...H2Glow would definitely change the way we experience water every day. Just imagine how amazing the LED faucet light must look in the dark! Might be a nice addition to a kitchen faucet also. H2Glow is definitely one "kool" gadget we can't wait to get.

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