Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Snap Capp Reclosable Can Tops

We at The Daily Kool are huge soda drinkers. Oh yeah, we love them all...from Coca Cola to Orange Crush to Canada Dry Ginger Ale, each one of us has our own soft drink obsession. Are we the picture of good, healthy habits, or what? We're actually pretty good about drinking mostly water, especially since we've found Fiji, but sometimes, we just have have a can of soda with a nice meal. There's just something about the fizzy tickling sensation going down the back of the throat, coupled with just the right amount of sweetness...ah, instant satisfaction.

Because everyone has his/her own favorite, we tend to keep a variety of cold soda cans on hand in our fridge for family and company. Why cans, you ask? Yes, 2-liter bottles are much more cost-effective, but cans allow us to cater to everyone's tastes while monitoring intake at the same time...we make it a point to restrict ourselves to one can a day...with the exception of club soda. Cans of club soda (we like La Croix) are great for getting a healthier soda fix on the go.

Like most people, our biggest challenge with cans is keeping the soda from going flat...unless we drink the whole can at once, of course. We have no shame in admitting that we refuse to drink soda that has gone flat...we're kind of snobbish that way. We have tried out so many "fizz keepers" over the years, without much luck. A couple of weeks ago though, we came across these amazing Snap Capp reclosable can tops. Made in the U.S.A. (a big plus with us), plastic
Snap Capps convert an ordinary 12 or 16 oz aluminum beverage can into a portable, recloseable and non-spilling bottle. Okay, we were definitely intrigued enough to try this one out.

We just love it when a product does exactly what it says! We purchased a sleeve of eight
Snap Capps in different colors to test out at home. We chose Orange Crush for the test to make sure we used something that would clearly show up if the product leaked. After opening the can, we simply snapped the cap onto it. It took surprisingly little effort, and the Snap Capp made a clear "pop" when it was on correctly. We then twisted open the top cover, and drank from the soda as if it were a bottle. Wow, it really was a spill-proof seal...kool!

After a couple of sips, we put the can back into the refrigerator to let it sit for a few days. Our soda actually stayed fresh and fizzy for four days, which is about the same amount of time a two liter bottle will keep in our house. After enjoying the rest of our orange soda, we held onto the
Snap Capp, squeezed the middle of the can, and popped it right off. A quick rinse with hot water, and we were ready to use it again.

There are so many things we like about our
Snap Capp recloseable can tops. The assorted colors ensure that each person remembers which is his or her can...a particular advantage at some of our family gatherings. Spillage is much less likely, especially in the car or with the long as the cap is on, of course. Don't get us wrong. We didn't exactly shake the can vigorously for several minutes after putting on the Snap Capp...we're not sure we're all that interested in testing it that extensively, anyway. But, with normal use, we found the seal perfectly tight. Plus it makes drinking from a can safer; we don't have to worry about cutting ourselves on any sharp, metal parts. The best part is how much less soda waste we have...we no longer feel the need to polish off a whole can in one sitting. We just put the leftovers back in the fridge until later, without worrying about it going flat.

Snap Capp reclosable can tops are great for picnics, parties, in the car and even at the office. We even brought a couple to the zoo last week for when we treated ourselves to a couple of cans from the machine. The Snap Capp gave us the flexibility to walk around, without being encumbered with open beverage cans. We're definitely giving a couple of these to our fellow soda, energy drink and yes, even beer lovers!

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