Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Dynamic Frames Lil Davinci Art Cabinet

Every school year, we are faced with the same dilemma of every nursery/preschool parent...just how much of our child's artwork is it okay to throw out? If we asked our son, his answer would be passionately and unequivocally, "None." Don't judge us, and please, please don't tell him, but as a rule, we haven't kept more than five of his masterpieces from year to year. We just have to wait until he's out of the house to get rid of the others, and even then, we have to be careful to bury it waaaay down in the garbage so he doesn't find out what we did. Pretty sneaky, huh? Seriously though, we just cannot understand how some parents do it (our Mom did)...if we kept every piece of artwork our four year old came home with, we'd have no room to walk.

Well, thanks to the Dynamic Frames company, we have the perfect solution to handle all of our son's artwork. Check out this Lil Davinci Art Cabinet. Simply put, it's a slim art cabinet that looks like a frame, but stores like an album. The spring-loaded corners make it possible to hold up to 50...yes, you heard us right, 50 pages to archive all of a child's creativity. There's a discreet hinge to open the front of the
Lil Davinci Art Cabinet and easily update the display, with older creations stored safely behind.

We love, love love this idea! The
Lil Davinci Art Cabinet boasts an ultra-thin profile (just over 1 inch thick), and a single bevel cut acid-free mat. Each frame is made from wood and is offered in a choice of black, white or cherry finish. Since our son comes home with more construction paper type drawings and paintings than any other size, we selected the 9" x 12" Lil Davinci Art Cabinet to start out the school year. Dynamic Frames does offer other sizes, though. Plus, it comes with everything we need, including mounting hardware and a hanging template with a horizontal or vertical option. The table stand is a nice touch...we have more empty wall space than table space though, so we won't be using it.

Let's face it...children grow up before we know it. As parents, we want to keep as many of our children's treasures as possible. Dynamic Frames makes it easy to protect their artistic masterpieces. The
Lil Davinci Art Cabinet is a unique and wonderful way to showcase masterpieces and store mementos at the same time, all while boosting our child's self-esteem with their proud display. The best part? No more refrigerator clutter. What a "kool" gift for anyone with a young child. Our covert trash moves are officially over.

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