Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Dog and Cat Staple-Free Staplers

Yesterday, The Daily Kool took a family trip to shop for school supplies. Trust us, that was not easy, even at Staples...no matter how often we pressed that darned button. Anyway, a whopping $80 later (no joke), we still had to go online to get a couple of things the stores didn't seem to carry. One was a staple-free stapler. Call us dopey (that's okay...many people have), but we didn't know that staple-free staplers even existed. Apparently, this requirement is just one of many "earth friendly" solutions that our son's Pre-K teacher is trying to bring awareness to. That's what we get for putting him in private school, we guess. Don't get us wrong...we are big supporters of going green. It would have been nice though, if we had been given a clue as to where to get a staple-free stapler...it's only Pre-K for goodness sake! So, naturally we went online to continue our search.

Okay, once we saw these adorable dog and cat staple-free staplers, can you blame us for getting them? Thank goodness our four year old son doesn't have a macho image to maintain. After we did some reading, staple-free stapling is actually a very interesting concept. Simply put, these
dog and cat staple-free staplers cut out tiny strips of paper and use them to stitch and collate up to five pieces of paper together. Staples are a thing of the past, at least for the smaller jobs...we'll stick to our traditional Slimline for the big ones. For children, the dog and cat staple-free staplers are not only environmentally friendly, but safe as well.

dog and cat staple-free staplers are not just for kids, though. What a great gift they'd make for any environmentally conscious pet lover! Our son is going to be the "koolest" kid in his Pre-K class when he brings in these whimsical little guys. Okay, now where's our Sharpie? We are definitely going to put his name on them in permanent ink.

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