Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Human Key Holder (His and Hers)

The Daily Kool is always losing things. We just don't have enough storage space in our home to accommodate all of the...hmmm, what's the politically correct word here? Stuff! Yeah, stuff...that's it. Gotta keep our post family-friendly here, folks. No matter how organized we try to be, we wind up wasting a ton of time each day looking around for our (achem)...stuff. Just last night we searched high and low for our son's Lakers jersey that he just has to wear to basketball camp today. Our house is really not that big. Our keys are the absolute worst...they're right up there with that one sock our dryer eats every time we do laundry. They always disappear, especially when we are in a rush. After all these years together, we still haven't really designated a proper place for our keys. We usually jut toss them on the dining room table when we walk through the front door. We definitely need a better solution.

When we're looking for something really creative and distinctive for our home, we always go online, and often to our friends They never fail to have some really "kool" ideas. Check out these human key holders, for example. With their sleek and modern look, these chrome-plated little guys were noted for a Peugeot Design Award a couple of years ago. Such a great example of function and fun in one convenient product! They come with a "dummy" (no comments, please) key to attach to the rest of our keys...simply insert it into the male or female forms. The
human key holders are actually sold separately with your choice of his or hers...we just ordered both versions this morning for a complete look.

We can't wait to get our his and hers
human key about a conversation piece. We just have to make sure not to mount them by the front door or within a window view. No reason to take a chance. These "kool" key holders are so terrific, we'll never have to worry about losing our keys again. Now...where is that darn Lakers jersey?

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