Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: H2Glow Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light

We been having an ongoing challenge these days in The Daily Kool household. Our boys are at the age when we have to constantly remind them to wash their hands. It's not as if we are obsessive about cleanliness (well, maybe just a little). We do have rules, though. Washing hands after coming in from the outside, after meals and certainly after using the toilet shouldn't be too much to ask, right? Apparently, it just might least for our boys. You should just hear some of the arguments and excuses coming out of our two little guys...everything from "My leg hurts and I can't stand by the sink" to "My hands aren't that sticky from the breakfast syrup." Our favorite of course, is the ever-popular "Hey, we stand up anyway...what's the big deal?" Imagine our embarrassment when our four year old proudly confessed to his grandmother how often he and his brother try to "trick us" into thinking that they've washed their hands (as if we didn't know). Seriously, they expend more energy trying to avoid washing their hands than it would just take to do it already. Sheesh!

Yesterday, we visited a friend that we hadn't seen in a while. She had just renovated her guest bathroom with a more modern motif. She opted for one of those glass sinks sitting on a pedestal and colorful mosaic tile along the walls. Perhaps the "koolest" feature however, was the H2Glow temperature sensitive LED faucet light she had installed.
H2Glow works by illuminating the water as it comes out of the faucet. The water glows deep blue when it is safe to touch and automatically switches to red when it starts to get too hot. How great is this? H2Glow seems to be just what we need to help encourage our kids to wash their hands more often. Adults clearly think it's pretty terrific also (our friend doesn't even have children). We want it! We want it!

After doing a bunch of online research,
H2Glow really seems to be the highest quality temperature sensitive LED faucet light available. This fully automatic gadget comes with the faucet attachment, two adaptors, batteries, a spare filter screen, water flow restrictor and a manual. We took a look online at the installation instructions, and they seem pretty easy and straightforward...just seven steps. We would anticipate our kids using a lot more water with the H2Glow (hey, that's kind of the point, right), so the built in flow-limiter takes a load off of our environmentally conscious (and thrifty) minds. Plus, not only has H2Glow received overwhelmingly glowing (we couldn't resist) reviews, but Sector Labs (the company who makes it) has a great reputation for ensuring customer satisfaction. We never know when we might have an issue, so a company who guarantees their products is a big draw, especially when we are ordering online.

We can truly envision our bathroom soon becoming the most popular room in the house with the
H2Glow temperature sensitive LED faucet light. We love the safety element with this...what a great way to avoid burning little hands with scalding water! We must point out though, as parents, we would seriously caution our kids to always be careful and not to completely depend on it to determine how safe the water is to touch. We just love the entertainment value...H2Glow would definitely change the way we experience water every day. Just imagine how amazing the LED faucet light must look in the dark! Might be a nice addition to a kitchen faucet also. H2Glow is definitely one "kool" gadget we can't wait to get.

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