Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: BusyBodyBook Personal and Family Organizer

School is just around the corner, and our lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Okay, who are we kidding? The Daily Kool family doesn't do lazy days. We have to admit though...our boys may have kept us on our toes this vacation, but it was pretty nice to have them all to ourselves for a change. In a couple of weeks, we are back to being overwhelmed with activities. School (one half-day, the other three towns over), homework, soccer, hip hop, basketball, karate, birthday parties (there are a ton) playdates...not to mention our own work, home and Pepper (our lovable pooch) responsibilities. Pretty exhausting, huh? As our boys get older, it's really becoming harder to keep track of it all...we need some serious organization!

We must have subconsciously sent out some kind of beacon, hinting at our desperation. A couple of weeks ago, our friends at BusyBodyBook sent us their personal and family organizer for the upcoming academic year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are the first ones to admit that we're a bit flaky when it comes to organization, but the
BusyBodyBook has everything we need to truly simplify our lives. Our panel of eight busy mom testers were also quite impressed...back off ladies, this one's ours!

There are a lot of things to love about the BusyBodyBook personal and family organizer, but the key is it's award-winning, clever five grid format. The columns can be used to plan and track up to five projects, clients, school subjects, household members, personal goals, you name it...this is pretty versatile stuff! For example, our columns are currently divided into (1) personal, (2) boys, (3) work, (4) home and (5) Daily Kool posts. Even better, we can change our column headings from week to week, depending on our schedule.

We have a tendency to throw stuff around a lot, so durability is a must-have for us. Each
BusyBodyBook has a sturdy, yet fashionable cover with an extra plastic layer for added protection. We love the separate section for recording important birthdays and anniversaries...we prefer to just take one trip to the card store each month, if we can help it. The "6 months at once" page offers a great overview to help plan for holidays, vacations and other events. We're a brown-bagging bunch, so we don't personally have much use for the restaurant/take-out information page, but there is a page for contacts like doctors, coaches, playgroup posse members, etc. The removable shopping lists are truly inspired! We are always making mental notes on stuff we need to buy and banging our heads together to try and remember what they were five minutes later. The pockets on the inside front and back covers are nice to hold receipts and coupons, but keep in mind that you will likely have to fold any important papers to fit them in there...this was really the only complaint from our testers. Add a bookmark and several note pages, and we're all set!

We were really quite impressed with how many organizational tools are packed into the
BusyBodyBook. Plus, it's priced less than $25 (including shipping), making it a terrific value. Every mom on our tester panel was anxious to get her own...it's not often that we get such an overwhelming positive response. The BusyBodyBook personal and family organizer is definitely a convenient and portable way to help stay "kool" under the pressure of our everyday hectic lives.

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