Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Method Best in Glass Cleaner (Mint)

Okay, we admit it. Our mirrors and windows are often the most neglected areas in our home when it comes to cleaning. Is it too complicated? Nah. Too time consuming? Of course not. We are not sure what it is (maybe laziness?), but we have clearly joined the legions of men and women who proudly declare, "I don't do windows." Unfortunately, as a result, our windows have become a bit of an embarrassment...sigh. What's a parent to do?

Aha! If we don't like it, make it fun enough so that our children will do it for us! How inspired. How genius. How we feel guilty? Perhaps just a little, but that's definitely not going to stop us. There's only one problem. Though we have been Windex loyalists in the past, there is no way we are allowing our children to work closely with harsh chemicals.

The Daily Kool has come up with two solutions for you. The first is to make your own child-safe concoction at home. Simply take 2 parts water, 1 part white vinegar and a drop or two of dish detergent. Mix it together in a spray bottle and away you go. Yep, there it is...a simple and inexpensive (yet effective) way to keep your windows sparkling clean while doing your part to protect both your children and the environment. But, whew! What a stench! Call us shallow, but we just really don't love the overpowering smell of vinegar...unfortunately, neither do our children...there goes our kids' eagerness to take on this household chore.

Thank goodness for the geniuses behind Method home care products. One of our followers turned us on to this dynamite company for top-notch cleaning solutions that are totally safe for people and the environment. The Method Best in Glass Cleaner product is wonderful, and...hold on to your hats here, smells like mint, not vinegar and definitely not ammonia (main ingredient of Windex). Eco-friendly cleaners have gotten a bad reputation for not being as effective as traditional products, but the Method Best in Glass Cleaner puts that worry to rest. Our kids love the refreshing and unoffensive scent and we feel great knowing that they are safe using it.

It is great watching our kids work together (for a change)...the older one gets up on his E-Z Fold Step Stool (see previous post) to do the top of the window, while the younger one takes care of the bottom. They each have their own little spray bottle and micro-fiber cloth to work with, and they actually go around the house to make sure each window is sparkling clean. We are sure that there are other wonderful people and environmentally friendly glass cleaners on the market, and if you are using one, please feel free to share. We can tell you this, though...the Method Best in Glass Cleaner is a truly "kool" and totally safe way to get your kids to enjoy this tiresome chore. Worth checking out. No more window neglect or embarrassment necessary.

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