Monday, March 16, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: As Seen on TV Swivel Sweeper

As we discussed in yesterday's blog (click here to read), this week The Daily Kool is focusing on helping our children recognize that cleaning is "kool". With the right tools and attitude, it can even be fun...really! Don't believe us? Well, we'll prove it to you.

With small children and pets (not to mention, some spouses), it seems like vacuuming is a never-ending chore around the house. No matter how meticulous we are about it, there always seems to be a Cheerio, fur or some other kind of dirt particle that materializes as soon as we pack that darn vacuum away. Where it comes from is anyone's's just another household mystery, much like that one sock that seems to disappear from every laundry load. Our children actually like to vacuum, though (we know, we don't get it either). It is just too heavy for the younger ones and too cumbersome to constantly take out every time we see a speck of dirt on the floor. But, hey...if the kids want to help us keep our floors pristine, who are we to argue with them?

Yes, this soon became another job for an As Seen on TV product. We had seen the infomercial for the Swivel Sweeper and were really impressed...not enough to actually buy it from the television at first, though. We found it hard to believe that this lightweight product could do everything it claimed. When we saw it at our local Bed Bath and Beyond store, though, we decided to use our gift card (and 20% coupon) to try it out. Almost a year later, our kids are still fighting over who gets to use it on a given day.

Our family agrees...the Swivel Sweeper is a fabulous, must-have household item. At least we did after we adjusted our expectations a bit. Though we knew it wouldn't replace our traditional vacuum, we did expect it to work on carpeting as demonstrated in the infomercial. It really doesn't, unless you have only very short pile carpet...we recommend that you play it safe and only use it on tile or hardwood floors. That said, we were (and still are) completely impressed with the Swivel Sweeper for those small jobs that are typically equipped for a broom and dustpan. This product is so lightweight (about 2lbs), that our four year old is able to carry it around the house without a problem. The Swivel Sweeper absolutely lives up to its name; a 360 degree swivel base and powerful rotating cleaning brushes that pick up dirt and messes from all four sides of the sweepers' head. Yes, you read that right...
all four "kool" is that? Our children can even pick up debris right up to the walls and corners with this remarkably easy to use sweeper.

One of our favorite features is the magnetic storage latch that enables the As Seen on TV Swivel Sweeper to fold up for convenient space-saving storage. We also love that the Swivel Sweeper
is cordless. We have read quite a few complaints about the durability of the rechargeable battery, but have been lucky enough not to encounter any issues with it. We will say, is important to really follow the directions that come with the Swivel Sweeper to reduce the likelihood of problems. We made sure to adhere to the 8-hour initial charge instruction and not to exceed 24 hours when recharging the battery.

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind with the Swivel Sweeper. Make sure to clean the brushes every once in a while...sometimes fibers will get caught in them. Also, don't ever consider using the Swivel Sweeper to clean any kind of wet will likely ruin the brushes and corrode them. If you decide to purchase the Swivel Sweeper, make sure you do so from a reputable company with a good refund policy in case you do have any problems.

As Seen on TV has made a terrific choice in representing the Swivel Sweeper. We understand that there is a new version called the Swivel Sweeper G2 which has additional features such as a touchless dirt tray and backsaver elbow joint to reach under beds and other furniture. We are so happy with our current version, though, that we probably won't be purchasing the Swivel Sweeper G2 anytime soon.

The Swivel Sweeper has allowed us to give our children a fun household task that they love, and one that definitely helps us keep our floors cleaner than ever. What a "kool" way to help kids gain confidence in a job well done...not to mention extra help to us as parents. Happy Cleaning!

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  1. This is a great product. Love the original Swivel Sweeper and it was time for an upgrade to the G2. This is even better than the original and a must have for any homeowner. It is great for quick cleanups and gets in hard to reach places. Great for any part of the house. Powerful motor and runs about an hour or so on a single charge. Has many useful features including the swiveling head, touchless dirt tray, and the bending elbow joint to get under furniture. I definitely recommend this product. Fast shipping as well. Amazon is the best!