Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: As Seen on TV Turbie Twist vs. Appearus Microfiber Hair Turban

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Many women, especially those of us with long and/or thick hair, are frustrated with big, bulky towels. Though they feel lovely on the body, bath towels are clearly not made for a woman's head. When we use them to wrap our hair, they feel much too heavy and they are constantly unraveling. Honestly, are we the only ones who wind up with whiplash from constantly flipping our heads to re-wrap our towels?

We received the Appearus Microfiber Hair Turban as a gift to help us with our "hairy" (sorry, we couldn't resist!) situation. We loved this product for several reasons. It was super soft, thick and lightweight. Super-absorbent, the Appearus Microfiber Hair Turban dramatically decreased blow-dryer time. The towel was roomy, but the button closure ensured a snug fit to keep all of our hair wrapped securely. Wonderful!

Forever fans of As Seen on TV products, we at The Daily Kool just had to compare our Appearus Microfiber Hair Turban with the ever-popular Turbie Twist. The Turbie Twist came in a package of three, and though neither product would break our budget, it was significanly less expensive. Both products functioned the same way...we flipped our hair, slipped the towel over our head, twisted, flipped back and fastened. The Turbie Twist was not quite as absorbant, and a little more flimsy feeling. Though both products held our hair in place admirably, we did feel more secure with the button closure on the Appearus Microfiber Hair Turban. as opposed to the loop fastener on the Turbie Twist. We strongly recommend washing any bath product before using...however, this seemed especially necessary with the Turbie Twist.

Overall, both products were easy to use and did the job we expected. We really love the convenience and comfort...we also applied makeup flawlessly while wearing our hair towels, and would not think of traveling without them. However, we feel that the Appearus Microfiber Hair Turban was the better quality product...sorry fellow As Seen on TV addicts! Regardless of which you prefer, both the Appearus Microfiber Hair Turban and the Turbie Twist are far superior to the cumbersome traditional towel. No more whiplash...now, that's "kool"!

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