Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Week: Yes, Cleaning Can Be Kool!

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Okay, we admit it...we at The Daily Kool believe that all children should have chores. Thirty-six hours of labor for video game obsessed kids who barely lift their feet up so we can clean up their mess? We sooo don't think so!

Don't get us wrong...we are all for messy activities. After all, how can you possibly bake a cake as a family without a rousing flour fight? Finger-painting, Playdough, sandbox and water play wouldn't be nearly as much fun if we obsessed about cleanliness. It could even stifle creativity in our children.

Teaching your children at a young age to clean up after they play will go a long way towards their sense of responsibility in other areas down the road. The trick is not to overwhelm them...keep it to small, easy tasks that are fun to do. To help keep it simple, The Daily Kool will be featuring a week's worth of "kool" cleaning ideas that will help your children contribute to the household, albeit on a small scale. But who are we kidding...with our hectic schedules, every little bit is bound to help!

Here's a hint of what tasks we will be addressing this week. Come back every day for a "kool" idea!

Monday - cleaning floors
Tuesday - dusting
Wednesday - laundry
Thursday - windows
Friday - other stuff

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