Friday, March 6, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: E-Z Fold Step Stool

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Why oh why are so many areas in our home inconvenient for the height-challenged? Ceiling fans, bathroom lights, pantries, closet shelves...some of us at The Daily Kool are constantly standing on chairs to get to those hard to reach places. Unfortunately, those of us who are more accident prone (okay, we confess) fall clumsily off those wobbly chairs just as often. We know, we's time to just take out the step stool!

You might think that it is easy to find a step stool that meets all of our requirements, but perhaps those of us at The Daily Kool are just too picky. We wanted a step stool that was just the right height, lightweight enough for a three-year old to carry, yet sturdy enough for those of us who still haven't quite lost all of that baby weight (unfortunately, we must confess to that one also). It also had to be reasonably priced, and easy to store. Most importantly, we had to be confident that its locking mechanism was reliable so that our children could use it safely.

We received the E-Z Foldz Step Stool in blue as a gift, and it was absolutely perfect for our needs. At 9" high, this product gives us just enough lift for those out of reach places. The E-Z Foldz Step Stool is made of sturdy reinforced plastic, so it feels completely secure for anyone up to 300lbs. Unbelievably steady, we have used it indoors and out; it doesn't wobble, even on unstable ground. The best part? This product folds up so flat, we are able to store it anywhere, no matter how small the space. Perfect for children and adults alike, the E-Z Foldz Step Stool is definitely a "must-have" for every household.

Call us vain, but we love that this version of the E-Z Foldz Step Stool comes in so many colors to match our decor, including yellow, green, red, white, beige and black. There is also a 12" version as well as a two-step one. We find that our 9" is really perfect for our every day tasks, and have since bought it as a gift for several friends. A simple, yet effective invention that is absolutely affordable, the E-Z Foldz Step Stool is one "kool" deal.

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