Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Amazing Kids Magic Kit and Magic Coloring Book

A couple of months ago, we took our children to a festival that featured a wonderful magic and balloon show. Watching the awe on our younger child's face was priceless...he accepted the existence of true magic with the precious naivete of a four year old. Our older child, of course, spent the entire time trying to figure out how each trick worked. Regardless, both came away from the show with an appreciation and fascination of magic that prompted us to diligently search for a magic kit for them. The only trick (no pun intended...really) was to find a magic kit that was fun, easy and just for kids.

What better day for The Daily Kool to feature the Amazing Kids Magic Kit than the anniversary of Harry Houdini's birthday (March 24, 1874 - October 31, 1926)? Henry Houdini forever changed the world of magic and started out pretty much the way we all did...with card tricks. The Amazing Kids Magic Kit goes beyond cards to include a total of 22 magic tricks and gags that are specifically designed for children ages 6-12. What's especially "kool" about this kit is the "Kids Teaching Kids DVD" it comes with...your children will learn from other kids who demonstrate how the magic tricks are done. We also like that the kit includes the two absolutely "must haves" for every beginner..the "ball & vase" trick and the "cups & balls" trick.

One classic that the Amazing Kids Magic Kit does not have is the "magic coloring book." This is a really "kool" trick for children as young as four. The coloring book starts out showing all blank pages. Suddenly, when the audience draws pictures towards the "magic coloring book" in the air with their hands, pictures appear in the book, outlined in black! Then, your little magician can take the trick one step further when, with continued audience participation, the coloring book now shows bright, vibrant colors filling in the black and white pictures. Finally, all the pages change back to their original blank state. The "magic coloring book" is a terrific first trick for your youngest child, especially with an adult helping out with the verbal presentation.

We at The Daily Kool agree that the Amazing Kids Magic Kit and the "magic coloring book" are the perfect introduction to the secret world of magic. Beginning magicians need tricks that are simple, have few parts and are easy to learn. This way, they can focus on their presentation, which is key to impressing their audience. A great way to encourage creativity, imagination and socialization to your children. Enjoy, and be careful not to fall through the trap door!

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