Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Pledge Multi-Surface Duster by S.C. Johnson

It's Day Two of our week-long spotlight on kids and cleaning. Yesterday, we demonstrated a great way for even your youngest children to help keep your floors pristine with the Swivel Sweeper (click here to read). Today, let's offer our children another important job that will keep cleaning "kool" and fun...dusting.

Dusting seems to be a common chore for children in many households. Though it is relatively easy to do, we at The Daily Kool are definitely not comfortable with our children and spray nozzles that contain anything but water. Therefore, although our kids can certainly help us, dusting has not really been something the younger ones can do entirely by themselves.

Our friends at S.C. Johnson have given us a great solution with the Pledge Multi-Surface Duster. This little suckers really work, and our kids love to use them. We actually had to purchase two sets so each of our children could have his own handle. The 360-degree fluffiness was really misleading...we were amazed at how efficiently this product picked up dust from all different types of surfaces without leaving a lint trail behind. Our kids use the Pledge Multi-Surface Duster on everything...including the television, bookshelves, baseboards, blinds and framed artwork. What is even more wonderful about this product is that we don't feel like our children are breathing in the dust they are cleaning away...the Pledge Multi-Surface Duster boasts allergen trappers and performs like a dust magnet.

Please be sure to purchase the Pledge Multi-Surface Duster with the 360-degree fluff if allowing your children to use it. We have seen another duster by Pledge that has an attached mini-spray cleansing bottle that we absolutely do not recommend with youngsters. Apparently, Swiffer has also recently come out with their version of the 360-degree duster. We are so happy with the Pledge Multi-Surface Duster, that we aren't really tempted to test out the competition. However, if you are Swiffer loyal and have tried their 360-degree duster, please feel free to share your feedback with us.

Don't get us wrong...the adults at The Daily Kool still move shelved items around and dust our homes with our traditional nozzles and cloths when we need a spectacular clean. But the Pledge Multi-Surface Duster really works better than any dry duster we've found. It also helps our children gain confidence as important contributors to the cleanliness of our home. Will it pass the white glove test? Perhaps not quite (especially considering the little person using it), but it doesn't matter. It makes our job of keeping a relatively dust-free home significantly easier. How can we go wrong? Thank you S.C. Johnson...even our kids think the Pledge Multi-Surface Duster is super "kool"!

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