Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: EZ Combs

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Is there a support group for As Seen On TV junkies? If so, sign us up! Problems we never knew we had can be solved with one quick phone call...and our Visa card, of course. We at The Daily Kool find infomercials almost as entertaining and compelling as our favorite classic movies. Pathetic, we know...but we can't help but admire the marketing genius behind the As Seen On TV concept.

An active lifestyle combined with a high humidity climate results in many a bad hair day for us at The Daily Kool. What we wouldn't give for a hair accessory that could give us an efficient yet attractive style instantly. So when we came across the infomercial for the EZ Combs by TeleBrands, we admit to feeling that twinge of excitement for a possible solution to our hair style conundrum. We did, however exert enough control (albeit barely) until the EZ Combs came out in stores...we thought the shipping prices too extravagant for such a low-cost item.

We chose the bronze/silver EZ Combs set to test with. Achieving hairstyle perfection with the EZ Combs was a little more difficult than the infomercial suggested (surprise, surprise), but not impossible. We were really surprised at how comfortable and secure they actually were. We were able to keep our hair in the EZ Combs ponytail all day without getting the headaches regular hair accessories tend to cause us. We had a giggling, girly blast trying out all of the different styles; the only ones that didn't work for us were those in the "updo" category. We found our hair to be too thick for the EZ Combs to accommodate all of it securely. Not a big deal for us...there were enough styles we could accomplish to satisfy us.

The EZ Combs worked pretty well, once we got used to handling them...it does take some practice to perfect, though. The styles are lovely and achievable, great for a polished everyday look. As soft as promised, we were able to lie down with the EZ Combs in our hair without pulling or any other discomfort. TeleBrands claims that the EZ Combs will keep your hair in place during a workout, and though we did not test it (exercising just to prove a point is a bit much for us), unless you have truly thin hair, we find this hard to believe. Overall, an impressive product for a really "kool" look.

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  1. I literally just saw this infomercial this past weekend with my daughter and thought, "huh, that may work!" glad to hear about the lack of headaches as this is real problem with a lot of these hair accessories. Great review....may give it a try!