Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: MindWare Coloring Books

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It is almost impossible to live without any stress. We admit that sometimes stress can make life more exciting. In fact, Americans actually seem to have become addicted to the kind of over-scheduled, hurried and tense lifestyle that is so common amongst us. However, if we allow stress to get out of control, it can harm our relationships, enjoyment of life, and especially our health.

Unfortunately, we are passing our stress-addictions onto our children. How many of our kids are over-scheduled with after-school activities and obscene amounts of homework? What ever happened to the days of lazy summers, and simple neighborhood play? We overheard a child in our son's elementary school complain the other day that he just wanted to go to sleep early that doubt about it, our children are as stressed out as we are.

It is important for us to teach our children the necessity of taking a time out for rest and relaxation...and no, we don't mean sticking them in front of the television. Odds are, with the shows that our kids watch, they still won't be able to wind down from their day. Would you believe that good old-fashioned coloring is a proven stress reliever?

Our older son came home from school today upset about a science quiz he took today. To be honest, it was a tough day at work for us parents also. So, after dinner, we sat down at the table with our two children and some Mindware Coloring Books. We have to tell you...these books are amazing! What a terrific outlet for creative expression, and it worked well for the whole family. Yes, the designs are pretty intricate for younger ones, but we were able to pick a simpler one even our four-year-old could do. We had so much fun; this was a perfect opportunity to keep us relaxed while sharing the more difficult parts of our days. Mindware Coloring Books are definitely addictive (our children didn't want to stop), and we all felt better as we admired each other's artwork. Colored pencils and thin magic markers were the tools of choice for our artwork (as opposed to crayons and thicker markers).

It is our jobs as parents to set a good example for our children. A relaxed family is a happier and your children deserve to take some time for more calming and pleasurable activities. We at The Daily Kool think this is so important, we will continue to feature family activities that encourage conversation, relaxation and just plain togetherness. Mindware Coloring Books are equally "kool" for adults and children.

Here's an idea: If your Mindware Coloring Books are too complex for your younger one, make a simplified design just for him. We took a regular piece of construction paper (light color) and several objects around the house. For example, for a circle motif, just take a cup (Dixie or other), and trace slightly overlapping circles on the paper. Get as creative as you want (Lego's for rectangles, post-it pads for squares). Your younger child will love the feeling that comes with doing the same project as the rest of the family!

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