Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Olivio Spreadable Butter

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Is there some kind of self-help group for those of us addicted to bread? Warm, freshly baked bread with a crispy crust and soft, chewy inside...yum! Forget about cookies, cakes, ice cream and even chocolate. Give us a roll slathered with butter and we're in heaven.

We admit it though. Our bread of choice is the almighty bagel. Okay, we realize that the marriage of bagels and cream cheese should not necessarily be messed with, but sometimes our palates are just begging us to treat it with butter instead. What? Blasphemy you say? Well, if we were referring to the rock hard blocks of butter that tear apart our bakery works of art, we would agree with you completely. Lucky for us, we were introduced to Olivio Spreadable Butter at a breakfast gathering with friends. Trust's absolutely delicious.

Started by the famous Lee Iacocca (and son-in-law), and developed by genius chefs (well, at least in our opinion), Olivio Spreadable Butter is a blend of cream, canola and extra light olive oils...perfect for spreading (yes, even cold) and cooking. This product has half the calories of butter and 1/3 the cholesterol. Rich with 400mg of ALA Omega 3s and not hydrogenate or trans fats, Olivio Spreadable Butter is a great alternative to the traditional stuff. The company also claims that this spread is great for baking, but be is salted, so we recommend only trying it out on savory (not sweet) baking and to modify your salt ingredients accordingly. Don't worry, though, this product is definitely not too salty...just a perfect blend, in our opinion.

Straight out of the refrigerator, Olivio Spreadable Butter covered our coveted fresh bagel completely and effortlessly. We've tested it spread on all kinds of breads, including biscuits and muffins. We've also used it to enhance steamed veggies and to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich (just spread a little on each slice of bread before cooking). The best part? We found it in our local supermarket at a reasonable price. Go ahead...we challenge you to take a slice of regular bread out of your fridge and test this delicious product for yourselves. You will definitely agree that Olivio Spreadable Butter is one "kool" idea!

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