Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: VisorTag Handicap Placard Holder

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Today, a follower of the DailyKool showed us one of those "why didn't we think of that" products. After having to replace her 5-year handicap placard several times due to weather damage, our DailyKool friend found a simple, yet effective sleeve for her hang tag. We at the DailyKool can commiserate with the annoyance of our parking permits cracking, warping, chipping, and peeling. However, as impressed as we were with the recommendation, we think that we've found something even better...the VisorTag.

The VisorTag, by JL Safety, is not just any parking permit placard holder designed to hold and protect your handicapped or disabled parking permit tag. This ingenious little gizmo is guaranteed to take away the frustration of hanging, removing, replacing, losing or misplacing any parking ID permit for good. Available in two sizes, the VisorTag is not only for the disabled; it is also ideal for other parking ID permits and hang tags used at universities, hospitals, businesses, condos, etc. Even permits for for season passes, media/press, special events and delivery vehicles can benefit from this "kool" product. Simply clip your VisorTag to the passenger sun visor, pull the permit holder down when you park, and swing it back toward the visor before you drive. It will magnetically latch into a position out of your sight. Your parking placard is protected, and you no longer need to touch it. You can even transfer your tag to another car with ease.

We at the DailyKool think the VisorTag is a great product for anyone who wants to keep his/her parking permit easy to locate, display and remove. Reasonably priced (about $21, including shipping)and ultra-convenient...our only complaint is that we didn't think of it first!


  1. What a great idea!

  2. I bought this for my mother and she thanks me every day, what a great idea that made my mom so happy!!!!!