Monday, February 23, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Skineez Dog Toys

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Pepper (our pampered pooch) is crazy about soft plush toys.  Unfortunately, a new toy will maybe last an hour or so before the stuffing is all over the house.  Sound familiar?  A follower of the DailyKool told us that he keeps a collection of fluff toys in the basement to indulge his canine's compulsion.  It's an expensive and messy outlet for our dogs, but they have so much fun conquering these toys, we hate to deprive them.

Meet Skineez...a fluff-free (yes, you heard us correctly) dog toy that is specially designed for dogs who love stuffed toys and the parents who don't.  They are about 24" long, and come in three different animal designs:  the fox, raccoon and skunk.  We have both the fox and raccoon; our dog, Pepper is particularly attached to the raccoon.  The flattened shape will bring out your dog's prey instinct, and each comes with two squeakers (one in the head, the other in the tail).  Even without the stuffing, these Skineez dog toys are silky soft, yet much more durable than we expected.  The long and floppy body makes it easy for any size dog to grab, hold and carry.

We at the DailyKool love Pepper.  We pamper him with the best food, daily exercise and lots of loving.  He even has a series of "PoodlePicks" videos and blog writings for sports and other events (check them out and become a fan on Facebook).  And boy, does he love to play with his Skineez raccoon...and we love to see him happy (even when the squeaking wakes us up at 2am).  Check out this "kool" dog toy...not only will your dog be thrilled, but so will you.


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