Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: OtterBox Waterproof IPOD Case

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Okay, we at The Daily Kool love to swim...it's a challenging, effective and no-impact workout that feels wonderful. If only it weren't so boring!

Enter the waterproof IPOD case. Our friends recommended that we check out a company called OtterBox. We bought a bundle kit for our IPOD classic that included the case, waterproof headphones and an armband for around $100. Perhaps a little pricey, but oh so worth it! Heavy-duty plastic case that hooks onto your armband, giving you complete mobility for swimming laps. Just a quick note: Last time we checked, the set was on back order from OtterBox directly...check out Amazon though...they seem to have the individual components in stock.

Sure...we were nervous too...trusting OtterBox to protect our precious IPODs from drowning is pretty scary stuff. No worries! The seal is perfect, and the music clarity underwater definitely exceeded our expectations. Though we are not big fans of ear buds in general, these were actually pretty comfortable.

The best part? Using the Otterbox definitely increased our stamina and helped us keep our focus and rhythm. Our only challenge...remembering not to open our mouths to sing underwater--gulp!

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