Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Black & Decker Pivot Plus Cordless Screwdriver for Father's Day

When we were growing up, our mother was the primary handyman...uh, handyperson of the house. Our father could assemble a computer from parts alone in an instant, but changing a lightbulb would cause him to throw up his hands in horror...yeah, it didn't make much sense to us either. The one tool he held with complete confidence though, was a screwdriver.

We never realized how often we would have to use a screwdriver until we bought our own house. Thank goodness we have our Black & Decker Pivot Plus cordless screwdriver. It is, without a doubt, the most utilized tool in our home...and it's so amazing, we really believe that no Dad (or Mom, for that matter) should be without one on Father's Day. This tool is perfect for those everyday household maintenance jobs, from changing toy batteries to assembling furniture. Black & Decker really did a terrific job with this one!

The Black & Decker Pivot Plus cordless screwdriver has many, many features that (in our opinion) make it the best out there for the money. The dual speed range offers a choice between high speed drilling and low speed driving. The clutch comes with a remarkable 23 different positions to prevent stripping of screws (a common problem in The Daily Kool household), and the forward/reverse rocker makes it easy to back screws out of any surface. We absolutely love the locking, three position tilt option for tight or awkward spots and the small LED light for (albeit slightly) improved visibility. Our Black & Decker Pivot Plus cordless screwdriver included a 5ft. measuring's not a very necessary feature and one that doesn't seem available anymore. It's not pictured on the company's website or on Amazon, but the Target picture includes it (which is why we link to them)...however, keep in mind that if you order the Black & Decker Pivot Plus cordless screwdriver, it may not come with the measuring tape.

We have very few complaints about the Black & Decker Pivot Plus cordless screwdriver, but they are worth noting. The location of the connection of the charger plug is right in the pivot point and it doesn't allow for use while charging. Therefore, there have been times when we've had to stop in the middle of a project to recharge our cordless screwdriver. Definitely inconvenient, especially since it takes a long time to charge completely. To save the 6V battery, we try to only recharge it when the power is clearly diminishing and we give it a good six hours or so to complete. Now, we always make sure to plan ahead and charge it fully whenever we have more than a 3 hour project to help circumvent this problem.

The Black & Decker Pivot Plus cordless screwdriver is a terrific gift idea for Father's Day. Comfortable to hold and oh so handy, it is an absolute must-have for any household. You really can't beat the value, and it's one powerful tool that even our father can use. When we bought it for Dad a couple of years ago, Mom thanked us as well! Power and convenience at a great price...definitely a "kool" idea.

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