Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's Kool Ideas: Aerobed for Kids and Aerobed Sports Overnighter

This Memorial Day weekend, our kids are having a couple of their close friends at the house for a sleepover for the first time. They've been planning it for a week. They've picked out games, snacks, movies, crafts...they are so excited! We do have a bit of a challenge, though...our entire downstairs has hardwood floors. Even though we have a regular sleeping bag in the house (our beloved Puff the Magic Dragon one from about thirty years ago), unfortunately, it is pretty much out of the question for this weekend. There isn't enough room in our kids' two twin-size beds for the four boys to share either. How can we have a successful sleepover when we have no comfortable place for the kids to sleep?

We were discussing our problem with our neighbor, and she couldn't believe that we didn't already have an Aerobed for Kids in the house. We never even thought about it...hey, it's our first kids' sleepover, remember? Luckily, she has two, so we went ahead and borrowed them to test out for this weekend. Let's put it this way...the kids thought the Aerobeds were so "kool," they insisted on sleeping on them the other night right on the living room floor. The Aerobed for Kids was a bit too small for our seven year old (not that he complained), but it was a perfect size for our four year old.

There are so many terrific things to say about the Aerobed for Kids. It inflates quickly and effortlessly, and has far exceeded our expectations for comfort. The four inch safety surround kept our kids snuggled in tight...they are not very restless sleepers, but it was still nice to know that we were unlikely to hear any thumping from children falling off of the Aerobed during the night. The stars and moon cover is really cozy...again a bit too young for our older son, but adorable nonetheless. We will say that the Aerobed for K
ids actually takes up more space than we would have expected, mostly because of the safety border...our sons share a room, so it's a good thing we plan on camping out in the living room this weekend. So convenient, and yet so comfortable...this product is definitely an infinite number of steps above the traditional sleeping bag...yes, even a Puff the Magic Dragon one (feeling a little nostalgic here).

Our children slept through the night beautifully on their borrowed Aerobed for Kids. So, we went ahead and purchased two new Aerobeds for our home. Since our older son has definitely outgrown the Aerobed for Kids and our younger one is getting bigger every day, we decided on two twin Aerobed Sport Overnighters (one red, one blue). This way, we can use the borrowed Aerobeds this weekend for the younger boys and the larger beds for the older ones. The lightweight backpack will make the Aerobed Sport Overnighters so easy to take on road trips and camping...we can even take them on an airplane for our visits to relatives up north.

The Aerobed for Kids and Aerobed Sport Overnighter are wonderful products to have on hand, especially for a family with children. They are so convenient for vacation travel, family visits, and yes...even sleepovers! We can see getting a lot of use out of our Aerobed Sport Overnighters, and are very grateful to our neighbor for letting us borrow her Aerobeds. Assuming the company lives up to its reputation for quality, ours will hopefully last for many, many years. Definitely a "kool" idea!

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  1. I think you'll know as their mother when it's time according to whether they are crawling out or they just reach a certain level of maturity along the way where you feel comfortable. Honestly, I don't feel there's a set age for this. So I did what you are doing, read past blogs here on the topic and asked my girlfriends what they did and adapted all input according to what works best for us.