Friday, May 15, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Dog Crate Furniture

Many of you may know about our beloved pooch Pepper from PoodlePicks. It may surprise you to know that he has been, by far, the most challenging dog we've ever had. At almost eight years old, he still suffers from separation anxiety. We've never had to baby-proof our house with the kids, but to this day, we do have to Pepper-proof. Before we leave the house, we have to go through the routine of closing every door, completely cleaning off the dining room table, locking the pantry and strategically putting up gates to block off the kitchen and the stairs. Heaven forbid we accidentally skip anything...we will undoubtedly come home with garbage all over the kitchen (he figured out how to open the can), empty bags of baking chocolates strewn across the floor (he breaks into the pantry and zooms right in on them), or even smelly feces on the stairs. Of course, he only does these things when we're not home...when we are, he's a perfect angel. So tell us...who's trained who here? This situation is completely our fault, of course. When Pepper was a puppy, we were told that we should purchase a dog crate for him. But where on earth would we put a large, ugly and obtrusive wire crate in our small home?

The only place we could possibly fit a crate large enough to hold Pepper is in our living room. Since this is the first room everyone sees when they come in the house, we cringed at eyesore it would create. Check out this terrific company called Crate Haven. They have actually created beautiful, functional furniture designed to perfectly fit a standard wire dog crate. After much research, Crate Haven was our top pick for quality dog crate furniture. Be aware,'s also possibly the most expensive solution...these prices are not for the faint of heart, folks! Crate Haven's products require a separate crate purchase. However, this is actually an advantage, since the wire crate insert will provide protection and longevity...particularly for dogs who scratch or chew on furniture (yep, you guessed it...Pepper). Crate Haven offers three different styles with several sizes and finishes to match any decor. The contemporary lines of the Harrison collection are a particular favorite of The Daily Kool.

There are a couple of other notable options for those of us who want to eliminate the wire crate altogether. The Dynamic Accents end table dog crate is constructed of durable hardwoods, featuring a swing-through door that can be fastened shut or rotated inside the crate for open access. Check out Pets2Bed for the Dynamic Accents dog crate furniture. Again, be warned...this solution is not for dogs who may chew on a wooden door! If you don't have this problem,, what a gorgeous addition to any home! If you prefer a more modern look, the zen pet hideaway and AlumaDen are other terrific options.

Even after centuries of selective breeding and living in people's homes, dogs still retain some of their ancient instinct. Like their wolf ancestors, dogs are den animals and prefer a small, cozy place of their own where they can feel safe and secure. Crates are not just for training puppies...they provide a sanctuary for retreat from confusion or strangers and a comfortable place for relaxation. Dog crate furniture offers a perfect solution to bridging the gap between our pets needs and home decor. The privacy and comfort of a crate, plus the beauty of quality furniture...what more could a loving pet owner want? Dog crate furniture will improve your relationship with your dog...a worthwhile investment and definite "kool" idea!

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