Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Nomie Baby Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Last month, we carpooled with a friend and her children to meet a group of four other families for a quick (but crazy) weekend trip to the Florida Keys. Thank goodness for the invention of the minivan...we just put four car seats in the Honda Odyssey, strapped the kids in, and away we went. We all had a wonderful time, but wow...you should have seen those car seats when we got back! Imagine the coagulated mess...apple juice, chocolate milk, mushed M&Ms, cookies, crackers, chips...the list goes on and on. Combine all that with the sand, ocean water and tar from the beach, and we had a serious mess to clean up. Oh, and did we mention the projectile vomiting incident that spanned across the entire second row?

Cleaning the kids' car seats has become the bane of our parental responsibilities. Don't get us wrong...we absolutely love our Britax car seats, but the hassle of taking the cover off the base and putting it back on again is an absolute nightmare. In fact, the process is complicated enough, Britax actually felt the need to add an instructional video on their site. Our other favorite brand, Graco is no better...and they even recommend drip drying the car seat rather than using the machine. There has to be a better way!

We found the Nomie Baby waterproof car seat cover through our Twitter connections. The company's promise of no more disassembling straps was just too intriguing to pass up. So, The Daily Kool contacted Nomie Baby and asked them to send us a sample to test out. We received the navy blue (one of six color options) Nomie Baby waterproof car seat cover and immediately took it out to test on our Britax seats. The first thing we noticed is how soft and cool the quilted material is...this was a definite plus, especially with the summer season on its way. We have to admit that we did look for instructions and were surprised that there weren't any included with the product...that is, until we realized just how easy it was to install. The Nomie Baby has Velcro openings for the harness shoulder straps and two slits for the bottom buckle. We didn't have remove the car seat, or unbuckle a single strap...so simple, and yet so genius! Plus, the elastic edges fit securely and comfortably on our standard Britax Marathon seat, although it was a bit too tight for our other, Husky version.

The next step was to test its durability...and boy, did we ever! We selected a panel of five moms to abuse our Nomie Baby waterproof car seat cover over a 10 day period. This poor thing has gone through the mill...formula spills, potty accidents, vomit and all of the dirt, grime and gunk a typical toddler gets into. It has already gone through several machine washings and has held up beautifully so far. Even better, the kids absolutely loved the Nomie Baby. They all thought it was soft and comfy...one even threw a temper tantrum when her mom had to give it back to us.

The Nomie Baby waterproof car seat cover is absolute dream come true and a must-have for every mom (and dad, of course!). It's comfortable and affordable, attractive and durable. It does such a great job, it will undoubtedly extend the life of your car seat. What a great gift idea! We like that there are versions for both an infant seat and toddler seat...we would like to see a Nomie Baby stroller and/or booster seat (with back) cover soon, though. We cannot recommend this product highly enough. In fact, every one of our moms said they would love to have their own Nomie Baby waterproof car seat cover...sorry, ladies...you'll have to get your own, because we're keeping ours!

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  1. I am so thrilled you like the nomie baby car seat covers! They are a hassle-free way to deal with the messes, and give you more time for the fun stuff! Please share the happy-mess with your friends and other moms, and enter "Mom" for 10% off your order at www.nomiebaby.com.
    Here's to happy-mess!

  2. It cost $15 just to try this cover which did NOT fit my child's seat. Return was a hassle. As a full time working mother of a toddler and infant, removing and washing the original cover was easier (& LESS EXPENSIVE)than ordering the nomie.