Friday, May 1, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Waterpik Shower Head for Mother's Day

As much as The Daily Kool family loves to take baths, most of our days are just too hectic to indulge in anything other than a quick shower. Our showers serve a purpose...get in, get clean, get out and move on with our day. We don't think much about our practical shower head (some generic brand we bought at The Home Depot) long is it does the job and rinses the shampoo out, we're fine. But when we think about it, why settle for just fine, especially for a household item that we use every day? More importantly...why should Mom?

A couple of years ago, we were strolling through our local Bed Bath and Beyond, desperately seeking inspiration for our mother's birthday. It is not easy trying to find the perfect gift for our mom...she has this ridiculous aversion to her children spending money on her, even on holidays. But we digress...we came across a display of the Waterpik Aqua Fall combo shower head system, and immediately had one of those "eureka" moments. The combination system has a 6" fixed head that give a rainwater shower effect for full-body drenching, plus a handheld that offers six settings. Exclusive to Bed Bath and Beyond, the Waterpik Aqua Fall seemed to have the perfect combination of settings to ensure a luxurious shower experience.

Let us tell you...two years later, our mother still loves her Waterpik Aqua Fall combo shower head system. She says that the fixed head feels like a soothing rain shower, but still has enough pressure to get the shampoo out. Keep in mind, though...she has very thin, fine hair, so it wouldn't take much. There are a couple of features that could be improved. Mom doesn't like that she has to get up high to change the setting from the fixed head to the handheld. It would be easier for her if both heads could work simultaneously. Hey, we're a vertically challenged's not easy for us, you know! Otherwise though, our mother is absolutely delighted with her Waterpik Aqua Fall.

Aside from the Waterpik Aqua Fall, there are a couple of other shower heads that might be worth considering. The Peerless 2-in-1 shower system offers a space-saving combination, operating as a hand shower, shower head or both at the same time...this interlocking system certainly addresses our mother's lone issue with the Waterpik Aqua Fall. Keep in mind, though...the Peerless 2-in-1 shower system is not a rainwater shower head, if that is what you are looking for. Also, reviews have suggested a slight, but solvable leaking what customers have to say before making a decision. We have also heard wonderful things about other Waterpik shower head systems, particularly the AquaScape series. Other notable companies are Speakman (makers of the Anystream Shower Head) and Oxygenics. However, if you are looking for a truly magnificent shower head that is almost a decorating showpiece in itself, check out a site called for one of the most exotic collections we've has seen.

When The Daily Kool did research on other types of shower heads, we were amazed at how personal a choice it could be...keep this in mind if you decide to give your mother a new shower head for Mother's Day. Some women prefer a delicate rain shower effect, some like the pummeling feeling of a monsoon in southeast Asia. Most shower head systems come with a flow regulator that can be removed if the default pressure is too weak. Some women like a fixed head, while others cannot do without their handheld. Also, make sure that the shower mode toggle is pretty easy to adjust, regardless of what model you choose. Finally, make sure to consider the size that would be most appropriate for your mother's shower.

A shower should accomplish more than simply cleaning your body and washing your should be able to offer the best combination of relaxation and invigoration, for an ultimate spa experience at home. The Waterpik Aqua Fall was a perfect gift for our mother, one that she enjoys every day. This was definitely one of our "koolest" and most successful ideas for Mother's Day ever!

We hope you have enjoyed our Mother's Day gift idea week. The Daily Kool would like to wish all mothers a wonderful holiday with their loved ones.

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  1. This is the best one ive tried so far

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