Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Flameless Candles for Mother's Day

We at The Daily Kool love candles...they create a welcoming, relaxing environment and are a beautiful edition to any home decor. What could be a more perfect Mother's Day gift? Whoa...wait a minute. Candles? With kids in the house? Are we crazy?

Perhaps, but not in this case. Now, every mom can have it all with flameless candles for Mother's Day. We came across the most amazing selection of fashionable candles from CandleImpressions on QVC (gotta love them!) and ordered a set of three paisley flameless ones for our mother last year. We liked this particular set because of the color selections (the blue one went perfectly in our mother's home) and dual timer modes (5 or 10 hour automatic shut off options). Imagine enjoying the sight and scent (depending on your preference) of real candles without the hazardous flame or messy wax. No open flame, no safety. We were particularly amazed at how the flameless candles recreated the flicker and glow of real ones. Seriously, folks...each candle is made from wax and is so realistic, you can hardly tell the difference. There is a patented embedded LED light that flickers randomly and the batteries are hidden for a lifelike look.

Imagine the decorating possibilities that flameless candles can help you create. You can display them near curtains, next to the bed and around the pool...all without worry. Place one in the center of a floral arrangement for a stunning centerpiece. Line an outdoor stairway with flameless votive candles in glass holders. Best of all, they're safe enough to keep around kids and pets. And with each candle lasting for at least 350 hours, flameless candles last much longer than traditional ones. Beauty, safety and value...what more could mom want for Mother's Day?

Though the set of three paisley flameless candles were our choice, we want to let you know that these particular candles are on a wait list, unless you choose the white ones (shown above). But there are so many gorgeous options, you are bound to find several that will absolutely thrill mom on Mother's Day. The set of two dried flower flameless candles (vanilla scented) are particularly pretty. There is also an 8" tubular flameless mosaic candle that looks spectacular. We can't say enough about flameless candles...what a great alternative to traditional candles. Definitely one of the "koolest" Mother's Day gifts of the year!

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