Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Nyokki Egg Pet Plant

We at The Daily Kool have a confession to make. Until we started our research for "kool" Easter ideas, we had never heard of these adorable Nyokki egg pet plants. We certainly would never have suspected that they were becoming such a popular collector's item. We do have to admit, though...they are really cute, aptly described by one fan as the "next generation of the Chia pet."

Nyokki! Nyokki! Nyokki! ("grow! grow! grow!") and that's what these cheerful pet plants do. Small, but precious characters (about the size of a real egg, with fabric legs), Nyokki are handmade in Japan from glazed ceramic. They are filled with a growing medium and rye grass seed that grows to full height in about two weeks. Then, style Nyokki's "hair" or cut it and watch it grow again. Some of the characters available include a pig, frog, chick, monkey and bear. The bunny (not available on seems especially appropriate for the spring holiday.

What a wonderful Easter basket gift for children! We originally thought the Nyokki egg pet plant was catered more for girls, but to our surprise, our four year old son absolutely loves it (we chose the monkey). Then, again...what's not to love? Nyokki teaches our children responsibility for taking care of a living thing, while giving them a creative outlet at the same time. Such "kool", happy characters...looking at them, we just can't help but smile! See? Check them out:

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  1. Thank you so much for the compliments, WorldmedTourism. We appreciate the feedback. Happy Holidays!