Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Corelle Dinnerware

Every year, The Daily Kool family invites a crowd to join us in our spring celebration. We love cooking for these events. In fact, we spend so much time in the kitchen, we traditionally give very little thought to decor...especially of the dinnerware variety. Perhaps it's our aversion to cleaning, but every year we serve our food on festive paper plates that we simply toss away after the meal. Paper plates and plastic cups also ensure nothing breaks, especially since children are plentiful for our gatherings. Even if we are inspired by the idea of less accidents and easy cleanup, we have to admit that paper plates cause our food to lose a little of the love that we have put into it...plus, the cost sure does add up after a few parties!

Last year, we decided to forgo all of the paper goods and switch to more traditional dinnerware. We did have some stipulations, though. We wanted a set that was reasonably priced, lightweight enough for our children to handle, and durable so they can set the table and clean up afterwards (yep, we love putting them to work!). It also had to look attractive enough for us to feel proud serving our food on. Bottom line...we wanted a dinner set that would hold its own in a busy, and notoriously accident-prone home. Corelle Dinnerware was the perfect solution to our problem.

We were frankly amazed at how many truly unique and beautiful designs that Corelle offers. Our choice was the Pewter set in the picture above...feel free to ooh and ahh over our great taste! Though you can find Corelle Dinnerware just about everywhere from Walmart to Target to Amazon, we found this particular pattern at Bed Bath & Beyond online. We were so excited when the delivery came. The dishes were pretty, though it was a little annoying that there were so many imperfections in the pattern from dish to dish. Good thing we ordered one set more than we needed...this way, we were able to return the worst of each dish. Once we realized that we would drive ourselves crazy if we looked too closely, we were able to appreciate the overall beauty of the set. We love that Corelle Dinnerware is lightweight and stackable...it takes up very little space in our kitchen cabinet. Forever the bargain hunters, we were lucky enough to find some shimmering tablecloths with matching napkins on clearance that gave our party the elegant look that we were searching for.

Using Corelle Dinnerware at our family functions has been such a success, we are looking to purchase an additional set for everyday use to replace our heavier stoneware dishes. This amazing company has been manufacturing reliable, beautiful and durable dinnerware for almost 40 years. Break, chip, scratch and stain resistant, our dinner set has truly exceeded our expectations. All this and less waste for the environment...what more could we ask for? Corelle Dinnerware is definitely of the "koolest" products we have in our home.

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  1. Thanks for linking.!! I will certainly visit Walmart to take a look on Corelle dinnerware.

  2. We appreciate the feedback, Ashley! Let us know which pattern is your personal favorite.