Monday, April 20, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Hercules Hook Wall Hooks

Our children, like most others, are extremely proud when they create beautiful pieces of art. If you have been reading our blog, you are probably aware of our parental obsession with technology-free activities that foster socialization and creative expression. Our kids love them all...sand art, mosaics, string along, latch hook projects, etc. Of course, our children demand that their creations be displayed. Rightfully so, of course, but there's only one problem...where on earth are we going to find room for all of them?

Shelves...we need more shelves (yes, and probably a bigger home). We are constantly taking out the hammer and nails to install shelves and hang artwork in various least we were until a friend told us we had to check out the Hercules Hook wall hooks. So, we picked them up at our local Bed Bath and Beyond (gotta love the 20% coupon) and brought them home.

There are a lot of things that we really like about the Hercules Hooks. They can hold a lot of weight (up to 150 lbs), and were relatively easy to use, once we got the hang (yep, pun intended) of it. Installing the Hercules Hooks took a little more muscle than we expected, but once we got them in, they really worked like a charm. We admittedly went a little hanging happy, but these hooks are a lot of fun to use....and they really hold everything beautifully.

This is a much sturdier product than we expected. We really love how small the holes in our wall are. Of course, we must admit that the heavier the item, the larger the hole gets, but it's still much smaller than most nails...just a little touch up paint makes them completely spackle necessary! Our biggest problem? Hercules Hooks are completely useless wherever there are studs in the wall. They are so long, there is no way to maneuver them around or in front of the studs. Unfortunately, the studs tend to be placed in the most centered areas on the walls, so we often have to go back to traditional picture hooks in certain spots.

Overall, Hercules Hook wall hooks are really great to have around the house. More convenient than picture hooks for framed art? Perhaps not, but again, only because of the wall studs. They are absolutely worth using for shelving installation or for heavier pieces that require an anchor and screw. Now we have plenty of places to store our kids' masterpieces and no excuse to shop around for a bigger house...darn it!

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  1. These are very cool. I had a shelf that kept falling off the wall, until I hung it with just one of these. It took 30 seconds, and now my shelf doesn't budge.