Monday, April 6, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: The Passover Box of Questions

This week, Jewish people from all over the world will be celebrating the first of our three harvest festivals, Passover. While we won't overwhelm you with all of the laws, traditions and stories surrounding this beautiful holiday, we will tell you that this is time for family. It is a time to reflect upon the mistakes and triumphs of our ancestors while we hope that we have learned enough to ensure a bright future for generations to come. We do this in a traditional service/mealtime gathering, called a Seder.

We at The Daily Kool love sitting down with the family during the Passover Seders (we have two). And, nothing brings us together quite like a delicious meal rooted in tradition. Except, perhaps The Passover Box of Questions from The Box Girls.

What an amazing opportunity to ignite meaningful and creative dialogue with your family! The Passover Box of Questions is a clever, age-appropriate original game designed to inspire great fun and meaningful conversation at your dinner celebration, while re-establishing the art of storytelling. The beautifully designed box comes with 35 glossy matzoh question cards that are engaging and entertaining. Also included are 20 place cards and plague stickers. Some of the questions included in The Passover Box of Questions include:
  • If you could write your own Ten Commandments, what would be the first three?
  • Which are your favorite Passover traditions?
  • If you were Moses today, where would you lead the Jewish people?
The Box Girls have created a truly unique Passover gift presentation for any hostess. The Passover Box of Questions will spark interesting discussions about the holiday and what it means to your family. We love this idea...and not just for the Passover Seders. Since the holiday lasts eight days (and our kids are on spring break), we can imagine using The Passover Box of Questions anytime we sit as a family during the holiday. What a "kool" way to learn things about your family that you never knew before. Even better, it's the one game where everyone wins!

Another note: The Box Girls have over 24 different ice-breaker box games in their series for just about any occasion from bridal showers to Valentine's Day to a girl's night out. Take one on your family road trip or to a busy restaurant to entertain the kids. There is even one for a birthday or sleepover party. Check out the website here.

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  1. What a shame I didn't see this earlier - it would have been great (would have needed to have been some time ago as I'm in London, England).

    Mind you, my friend in Boston said the same - and that the shop near her office that stocks their stuff doesn't have this one - perhaps they've all gone for Pesach.

    Must get back to the kitchen!
    Chag sameach - Ruth

  2. Chag Sameach to you as well, Ruth! Thank you for the feedback. In the future, we will try to post holiday ideas a little earlier to give our readers more time. FYI - The Box Girls also have a version for Shabbat and Chanukah, in case you want to check them out.