Monday, April 13, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Wire Loom and Cord Protectors by Electriduct

Spring cleaning at The Daily Kool includes our somewhat feeble attempts at organizing our office. With the holidays over, what better time is there to focus on our workspace? We have to tell you, folks...our office is a mess! Wires are hanging all over the place...electrical cords, phone wires and USB cables by the dozen. Every time we blink, another one seems to sprout up out of nowhere. Yes, there is a small, sane part of us that knows they are not alive and therefore cannot multiply. But, honestly...if you've seen our office, you would have some doubts also.

Let's face it...not only are wires ugly, but they are also dangerous, especially when they take over a room. We cannot tell you how many times we have tripped over a wire in our office. The rest of our home is no better, especially with young children around. Okay, perhaps they have just inherited our clumsy gene, but every time we take a good look at our setup, we feel as if we are taking chances with our kids' safety.

A friend of ours turned us on to to this great company called Electriduct. We were amazed at how many wire management and cord protector solutions Electriduct provides for the home and office. The management was nice enough to send The Daily Kool some samples of their best sellers...the split wire loom and the drop over cord protector. Ah ha...those blasted wires have no chance. Battle on!

To reclaim control of our office, we started out with the split wire loom. Electriduct sent us two samples, one black and one white. However, we found out that they are available in an assortment of colors to match every decor. Off the bat, we really liked the flexibility and sturdiness of this split wire loom. We did have some difficulty getting the wires in, perhaps because of the durability of the polyethylene material. This problem is easily solved with the wire loom tool that Electriduct offers, but since we didn't have the tool, we were forced to do it by hand. Once the struggle ended though, we were very impressed with how much more organized and presentable our office looked with just this one change.

Next, we took out the drop over cord protector. This particular sample was a little too big for The Daily Kool, but we knew just the executive who could use it. One of our fans is the CIO for a small manufacturing firm and he is in the process of redoing the entire facility. He liked that the drop over cord protector had T-connectors so he could add them in 5 foot increments to fit the needs of the factory floor. He also saw an immediate use for the cord cover in the company's conference room, at least until he completes the switch to an all-wireless system. Then, he plans on using the drop over cord protector to manage his electrical feeds at trade shows.

After checking out the Electriduct website himself, our CIO fan was impressed with many of the other solutions this company offers. Since he is also redoing the firm's computer room, he particularly saw a need for the cable raceways, computer cabinets and cable ties/wire clips. Though he did say that the Electriduct website was a little slow, he agreed that the vast array of products offered is more than worth the patience needed to navigate through the site.

As for us at The Daily Kool...we are well on our way to having a safer, more presentable and organized office with our wire loom. Now, the only thing we trip constantly over is the dog. Well...we'll just leave that problem for another blog.

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