Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Seaora Dead Sea Bath Salts

Okay, today is Friday, and boy has it been a long and hectic week! We at The Daily Kool have all been complaining about our sore, tired feet and aching backs for the last couple of days. Every year that we have lived seems to be stamped into our bodies in the way of arthritis, muscle tension, spasms, and stiff muscles...boy, are we getting old!

Before we pass out tonight in sheer and utter exhaustion, we are going to take some time out for some much deserved pampering. Aahhhh...nothing could be more soothing than a long, hot soak in the bathtub. Seaora Dead Sea Bath Salts are an especially luxurious addition that we plan to indulge in. This is not the first time The Daily Kool has touted the benefits of these amazing Dead Sea products...check out our feature of Seaora's Sea Salt Scrub from a previous post.

We love that with over 70 scents, 13 colors and several sizes, Seaora Dead Sea Bath Salts are completely customizable to fit everyone's need. The ladies at The Daily Kool are partial to the lavender scent, while the men (hey, they deserve to smell good, too!) like the musky scent of sandalwood. We choose colors that complement our bathroom and keep them in decorative jars on the counter for visual appeal.

Yes, we love our Friday baths...but, we especially love the healing properties that Seaora Dead Sea Bath Salts have. Believe it or not, they offer many added benefits that you might not expect from so simple a product. Bath salts open the pores to purify the skin, cleansing away dirt, sweat and toxins. They can actually help improve your circulation and reduce tenderness. Salts aid in the healing of dry skin, making it softer and more supple. They can even help improve common irritations such as insect bits, minor rashes and calluses and more serious conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. With the option of essential oils, Seaora Dead Sea Bath Salts offer the added benefit of aromatherapy to help induce calmness and promote relaxation.

For centuries, people have traveled great distances to bathe in the salt rich waters of The Dead Sea. Though nothing can truly compare to the actual experience of the Dead Sea (and we speak from experience), we can reduce pain, repair damaged skin and literally wash away stress with Seaora Dead Sea Bath Salts in our own bathtub. Perhaps it's the 20 all-natural essential minerals that infuse the skin, but there truly is a difference between this "kool" product and over-the-counter bath salt. And though you can usually find Dead Sea salts in your local shopping mall, we have found the best variety at the lowest cost online. Check it's truly worth it. We want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday weekend...happy bathing!

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