Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Week: Happy Mother's Day, Gift Ideas

Yes, folks...Mother's Day is coming up on May 10th, and The Daily Kool wants to help you prepare with unusual gift ideas for the first special woman in your life. As we get older, it's becoming harder and harder to find that perfect gift for know the one we mean. It's got to be personal, unusual, and so terrific she won't even think about returning it. No gift receipts here, please!

This week, The Daily Kool will be featuring five unique Mother's Day gift ideas. Here's a sneak peak:

Monday: Photo Finish
Tuesday: A Stylish Solution
Wednesday: Monthly Rewards
Thursday: You Light Up My Life, Mom
Friday: Spaaaaaaaah

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  1. Sweet gift ideas!!! Wanted to share this other great option for all the wonderful Mom's out there...

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    Enter the coupon code “MOTHERSDAY2009” at checkout when you purchase a $40 gift card for mom to rent books through BookSwim, and receive an extra $10 free (making it a full $50!). PLUS everyone will receive a $20 gift certificate to as well.

    This gift is perfect for last minute shoppers and it’s definitely customizable – Mom can go online right away and add books to her queue and have them quickly shipped over for her enjoyment and entertainment!

  2. Another gift idea for such occasion would be Weather Forecasting Gadgets and Radios. You may visit 3rd Wave Inc's site to avail big discounts.

  3. pair that beautiful flowers to an original heart-felt poem, perhaps. ah, now that is a heart warming gift. :)