Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Gift of the Month Club for Mother's Day

Gift of the month clubs are always a successful, albeit expensive choice for a loved one. For the mother who seems to have everything (like ours), it's a unique and thoughtful gift that keeps giving. The Daily Kool has given several monthly club memberships as gifts over the years. Our favorites so far are Harry and David's Fruit-of-the-Month Club and Wolferman's Muffin Club. The quality and customer service of both companies has always been outstanding. Our only complaint is the lack of variety available. Oh, don't get us wrong...there are different delectable monthly features from each company. It's just that the choice is always going to be fruit from Harry and David and muffins from Wolferman's. What if we want both? Or something else added?

ClubsGalore seems to have come up with the perfect solution with their variety gift of the month club membership options. Not only do they have over 20 individual monthly clubs available, but you have the option of mixing and matching them, resulting a personalized combination that suits your mother's tastes. In other words, you can select the gourmet club for one month, the wine club for another and even the chocolate club for a third. You can even repeat any favorite club in a given month. We love ClubsGalore's unconditional guarantee...if your mother is not thrilled, she (or you) can cancel the gift of the month club membership at any time for a refund of the remaining deliveries.

Although we absolutely love the variety and options of the gift of the month club memberships from ClubsGalore, we do have one complaint. The website does not show anywhere what specific item is shipped in a given month for a particular club. We would much rather know, for example what each club is featuring in May, June and July so we can ensure the most personalized gift collection. ClubsGalore seems to be lacking in that flexibility. In due fairness, however, The Flying Noodle, a notable other gift club company (though they do not offer a variety option) does not give this kind of detail either. But seriously, folks...The Daily Kool wants details...lots of details.

Though we may not be privy to all the details we would like from ClubsGalore online, the variety gift of the month club membership option might still make it worthwhile. If you want to give your mother three months of total relaxation (for example), one month of tea, another of candles and yet another of bath and body might be the perfect gift of the month club variety for you. Of course, there are enough individual club memberships that are sure to please. For example, the menus and music (recipes and CDs) club is perfect for the mom who loves to create her own fine dining experience at home. There is also a pie club, cake club and even a cookie club for moms with an undeniable sweet tooth. Regardless of which options you prefer, ClubsGalore and even The Flying Noodle are definitely worth checking out for an unusual Mother's Day gift. If not...well, we still love Wolferman's and Harry and David!

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  1. What a great idea! Trash to Treasure is always a good thing!