Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: No Throw Baby Bottle Tether

Yesterday, we met the newest baby girl in our extended family. Our one-year old cousin was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise male-dominated group. And the way she has all five of her brothers wrapped around her little finger...well, let's just say it was love at first sight between us! The difference between girls and boys even as infants is astounding, especially to those of us who always favored nurture over nature. Who knew? Of course, there is at least one thing that seems to be consistent across undeniable obsession with throwing things on the floor.

We remember when our second child went through this stage...he logged in hours of entertainment with the bottle-tossing game. Our older son, sweet in his innocence, was always eager to help his baby brother at the first hint of upset. Poor took him a while before he stopped falling for those baby blues...ahem...grays. Yep, definitely early manipulation at its finest! Where was the No Throw baby bottle tether when we needed it?

Turns out we just didn't know about it at the time...such a shame, too! This product is truly simplicity at its finest. Our new friends at No Throw have developed this tether to secure any bottle or sippy cup to a car seat, stroller or high chair. The company has several adorable designs...choose from princess, dinosaurs, even animal print. We love that it is so reasonably priced...inexpensive enough to have several designs. Washable, durable, adorable and practical...what more could a parent want? Apparently not much, especially for the celebrity parent. No Throw has also been touted by several, including Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg) and Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives).

Yes, the No Throw baby bottle tether is definitely a convenience we think no parent with little ones should be without. Just think of the convenience...think of the safety. Though the No Throw website does not point this out (and they should), the tether not only protects bottles and sippy cups from germs, but it can also help prevent parenting-related car accidents. We can't tell you how many times we've carelessly turned around and/or reached for a sippy cup that has fallen on the floor while driving (shush...don't tell anyone!). With the No Throw, toddlers can now retrieve their own cups. We wonder if this product would work on toys also...think about those mall trips. One thing to keep in mind though...since toddlers are undeniably curious, it may be sooner rather than later that they are able to dislodge the velcro. Our advice...try to distract your child so he/she doesn't notice how you are attaching the No Throw. This may buy you more time.

Peace of mind for parents and independence for children...definitely a winning combination. Granted, our baby's bottle-throwing game was a great excuse to get some squats in...but really, who are we kidding? This product would have been a godsend to us with our little ones. Well, you never know...the No Throw baby bottle tether still might come in handy someday. Until then, we're just passing this "kool" idea along to you.

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