Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Purse Hangers and Hooks for Mother's Day

Our mother definitely has her own sense of style. She always looks meticulous and fashionable, matching her outfit, shoes and handbag to perfection. Somehow, we didn't inherit that gene, but we admire it nonetheless. Mommy (yes, we still call her that...don't make fun) particularly loves purses, and has one to suit almost every occasion. It's just a shame that her purse is always slipping off of a chair onto the dirty floor whenever she goes to a restaurant.

The Daily Kool has a solution that is stylish, practical and will make a fabulous Mother's Day gift. We first came across a purse hanger at our local hair salon. Our stylist had her handbag hanging on a pretty floral hook attached to her workstation table. We knew then that this was a "must have" for our mother. We love the simplicity of the purse hanger. Just slide the beautiful caddy over a table's edge and hang your purse over the sturdy hook. That's it...just hook it and forget it! The design utilizes gravity to safely hold up your purse, leaving it protected and off the floor.

After doing our research, The Daily Kool was most impressed with a company called Hot Hang-Ups...we loved the variety and quality of their purse hangers. We particularly like their compact style collection, especially the photo frame. Hot Hang-Ups has also innovated and patented the designer watch collection...very "kool." For Mother's Day, the company specifically features a simple, but pretty "Mom" design. Just to give you an idea of the selection, we've provided you with some of this company's designs below.

However, they were indeed one of the higher priced companies we investigated. Amazon.com features a selection of purse hangers from several companies, and another notable website from our research was Pursejewelry.com. Between the three sources, you should be able to find one (or several) purse hangers to fit your mother's unique personality, as well as your budget. Here's a little advice, though...make sure that the purse hanger you select can hold a considerable amount of weight...some only claim up to 5lbs, while others claim up to 20lbs. Our mother's handbags often feel as if they weigh more than our four-year old son, so we needed the sturdiest purse hanger we could find. We would assume that the more weight a purse hanger can handle, the higher the quality.

Sleek, sophisticated and perfect for any woman, these stylish purse hangers make an ideal and affordable gift for Mother's Day. A fabulous purse accessory that your mother will love. Definitely a "kool" idea!

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