Friday, June 19, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Drinkwear Attachable Flip Flop Coasters

Last Saturday, we had a mom's only rejuvenation gathering at a friend's house, courtesy of our husbands. They really went all-out for this one...the men hired a massage therapist, manicurist and a server to take care of all twelve of us for the day. It was amazing! We spent an entire day, relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves at the pool...while the men took over taking care of the kids. We drank fabulous wine, and enjoyed massages, manicures and pedicures...all without lifting a finger to do anything. Yep, it was absolute bliss.

One of our girlfriends showed up to the event with a couple of bottles of wine and the cutest drink coasters we've ever seen. These Drinkwear attachable flip flop coasters were the perfect party accessories for our gathering. Designed to fit on the base of most stemware,
Drinkwear flip flop coasters stay appropriately attached to the "foot" of your glass. The EVA foam rubber material keeps stemware secure as you mingle and is easy to hand wash clean. The best part? Each one of us was able to identify our wineglass with our own flip flop style. They are simply adorable!

We just couldn't get over how fun and funky these
Drinkwear attachable flip flop coasters are. Each set comes with four unique flip flop coasters, secured in a drawstring tote to fit over the neck of a wine bottle. Our girlfriend found this particular set for only about $10 (minus her 20% coupon, of course!) at her local Bed Bath and Beyond store. After some research, The Daily Kool was able to find a larger (albeit, more expensive) variety of styles online at Perpetual Kid. What a fabulous housewarming gift idea for any outdoor celebration, and a great way to protect your tabletop with style. Drinkwear attachable flip flop coasters are, without a doubt, a "kool" idea for a hot summer day.

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