Monday, June 8, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Pour Thing 1 Gallon and 2 Liter Pouring Device

Sunday, our two boys decided to surprise us with a delicious breakfast in bed...a bowl of cereal is the extent of their culinary talents. As we were listening to them bustle about downstairs (yes, we know everything that goes on in our house), we had a debate as to who would spill milk all over the floor...yep, it was the seven year old! Poor things...they were so upset! Independence is always so important to little ones, but let's face it...those gallon jugs of milk are heavy! After we dried the kids tears and cleaned up the mess, we all sat down together for a family discussion...the thought was wonderful, but maybe next time they should surprise just one of us and recruit the other to help. Milk containers are just not designed with kids in mind.

Sometimes, life is full of strange coincidences. We were watching QVC later that afternoon (we love the kitchen shows), when they introduced the Pour Thing 1 gallon and 2 liter pouring device. What a "kool" idea! Simply place your 1 gallon jug of milk or juice in the container, take off the cap, and tilt it to dispense just the right amount of strain, no spills and no more tears. Great for children, the elderly or adults with arthritis, Pour Thing's patented easy hinge swing design allows for perfect pours every time. The best part? It fits conveniently right on the shelf of the refrigerator...all pouring can be done right from there without any lifting. Just make sure you keep enough room to accommodate the swing as you pour.

We like that QVC offers both the 2 liter and 1 gallon pouring device in one, it's the best deal that we could find online. However, while watching the presentation, we couldn't help but coming up with a "wish list" for future versions of the Pour Thing. For example, 2 liter soda bottles are not used in The Daily Kool household, but we do have a preference for 64 ounce containers of juice. There should be a way to make the Pour Thing adjustable to accommodate a larger variety of containers, with perhaps a small bungee cord that hooks in the back to keep each one in place. What can we say? We prefer our products to be a little more adaptable.

Regardless, the Pour Thing is undoubtedly a "kool" idea and one we may well decide to get in our household. All this so our kids can succeed in their next attempt at breakfast in bed? Lightweight, durable and convenient, the Pour Thing will certainly help them gain the independence they so crave. It just might be worth it...we can always give the 2 liter device to our parents.

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