Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Folding Island Kitchen Cart With Butcher Block Top

The Daily Kool kitchen is pretty small. It's one of those longer, narrower styles that doesn't exactly lend itself to more than one person at a time. Bottom line....we always seem to be running out of room, especially when we are cooking and preparing for company. Oh, how we wish our kitchen was large enough to have a big, beautiful island in the center of it!

When we saw this folding island kitchen cart with butcher block top on QVC a few months ago, we knew we absolutely had to buy one. What an attractive piece of functional furniture! We admit that the $190 price tag gave us a quick pause, but the free shipping and easy pay option convinced us to call and order it anyway. We have to tell was so worth the purchase.

The folding island kitchen cart is not for the faint of heart...the durable hardwood construction with a natural finish and stainless steel frame makes this a really solid, sturdy and yes, quite heavy piece. The butcher block top can handle up to 80lbs while each of the other two tiers hold up to 30lbs each. In case you were wondering, the kids each loved the ride around the living room we gave them on it...definitely not recommended, but fun nonetheless. We love that it came beautifully packed and completely assembled. The company has certainly put a lot of thought and handy features into this product, including two stainless steel side towel bars with six movable hooks, a wine glass rack (under the butcher block top) and a removable three-bottle wine caddy. Plus, the caster wheels are super convenient...they swivel for easy steering and lock in place to help ensure stability. The best part? Although the folding island kitchen cart boasts nine-square feet of work space, it collapses down to a mere 5 1/2 inches wide for easy storage. We keep ours in that extra space between the refrigerator and the wall when we're not using it...although, the piece is definitely lovely enough to keep on display all the time if you have the room.

We have found so many uses for our folding island kitchen cart, but it's most often an extra space for food preparation in The Daily Kool household. The 36" height is perfect for the kids, providing an area where they can help without being in the way. When we have company, often use the folding island kitchen cart to bring all the hot food out at the same time...then it becomes our beverage station, making more room on the table for the food we've just served. Be careful, with all quality wood furniture, make sure you don't slice vegetables or put hot dishes directly on the butcher block surface and tiered shelves...if you protect it with a cutting board and trivets, the folding island kitchen cart will undoubtedly last for many, many years.

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