Monday, June 22, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Space Bag Under-The-Bed Vacuum Storage Tote

The Daily Kool family spent a better part of our weekend going through and organizing our closets. That's when we noticed that most of our closet space is taken up by bedding. Blankets and sheets and pillows...oh my! We have comforters for the winter, lightweight blankets for the summer, two sheet sets per bed, plus extras of everything (including pillows) for the occasional barrage of family house guests. Yikes! Unfortunately, our closet space is at a minimum, and it's tough to fit those large storage bins through our attic door. We needed a better solution.

The area under our bed has always been pretty wasted space...after all, you really can't fit much under there, and the under-the-bed storage containers hold practically nothing. Check out this Space Bag under-the-bed vacuum storage tote, though. The rectangular-shaped outer tote features sturdy, canvas-like material and closes with a metal zipper. The inner bag has an airtight and watertight zipper, plus a patented one-way valve to remove air and compress items. Like traditional Space Bags, this tote utilizes the power of your household vacuum to remove the air and reduce the volume of your bulky or seasonal items by as much as 75%. Simply pack clean blankets, comforters, sweaters and other items in the inner bag, close the seal and remove the air with a vacuum. Then, zip up the outer bag and slide it under a bed for out-of-the-way storage.

Though they have received many mixed reviews over the years, The Daily Kool is actually a big fan of this company...this Space Bag under-the-bed vacuum storage tote is probably our favorite version of the product. We particularly love the outer gives additional durability and protection against bag abrasion, has handles for easy lifting, and even features a see-through window to help identify contents. Because there's no air, you don't have to worry about insects, mold, mildew, dust or moisture damaging your stored items.

There's something about Space Bags that makes us get carried away and try to over-stuff...if you want them to work as well as on TV, you must fight that urge. Also, don't ever expect to store as much as the infomercial boasts. Either the company exaggerates a bit, or there's some secret we don't know, but we doubt that anybody can fit as much stuff as they claim. Don't let this discourage you, though. You can still fit a lot more than traditional storage bins....just keep your expectations realistic. Also expect some major wrinkling, especially if you're using your
Space Bag under-the-bed vacuum storage tote for clothing. We prefer to re-wash anything we keep stored for an extended period of time anyway, so this is not a particular problem for us. Besides, we all know how to use an iron or the fluff button in the dryer.

So, if you're looking to maximize storage space under your bed, this might be the perfect solution for your home. Space Bag under-the-bed vacuum storage totes are really convenient for reducing clutter, particularly if your house is as overrun with bulky bedding as ours is. They store plenty, and zip into a very handy and neat package...what more could we ask for? An excellent way to stay organized all year round and a very "kool" idea.

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