Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Energizer Light on Demand Motion Activated Light

Our younger son is very afraid of the dark. In fact, his anxiety is so great, he insists on being carried into the house whenever we come home at night. The lack of street lighting in our neighborhood doesn't help...neither does the fact that our kid's going through another growth spurt and is definitely not a lightweight these days. We also tend to forget to turn on the outside light, especially when we leave the house earlier in the day when the sun is still shining. This is a particular sore point with our son, especially since the darkness makes it tough to see the keyhole on the front door and get us in the house quickly.

We came across a practical product on QVC yesterday that just might make our lives a bit easier, the Energizer Light on Demand motion activated light. Gotta love the the way, it's his 20th birthday this year. Anyway, the Energizer Light on Demand motion activated light features a removable LED light stick, equipped with internal, rechargeable batteries. The light stick can function in its specific product, or is detachable to serve as an area light and/or flashlight. We love that the Energizer Light on Demand motion activated light is weatherproof with a 15 foot sensor for convenient use indoors and out. This feature is a particular selling point with us...we can put it right by the front door outside.

Okay we admit it, we might just get a tiny bit nervous ourselves when we have to walk Pepper (our pooch) at night...did we mention that our neighborhood doesn't have enough street lights? Think about the dual convenience of a motion activated light at the front door, with a removable LED flashlight to keep our path illuminated during Pepper's nightly stroll. Plus, the Energizer Light on Demand motion activated light is affordable enough for us to get an extra one (or three) for inside the house. The product boasts continual, emergency lighting whenever the power goes out with its rechargeable backup battery pack. Hey, hurricane season has just begun, and we've already lost electricity several times from thunderstorms this summer. As much as we appreciate the long, five-hour run time we'll get with the Energizer Light on Demand motion activated light when it's fully charged, it's nice to know we have the option of using three AAA batteries to get a continuous 12 hours in case of emergency.

We're in agreement with QVC host Lisa Robertson on this one...we can't imagine anyone who couldn't benefit from the
Energizer Light on Demand motion activated light. Easy to install and energy efficient, this product is ideal for mounting anywhere you need some extra light. Perfect in a garage, closet, attic, stairway and yes, by the front door, Energizer is definitely on the right track with this modular lighting system. Seriously folks, there's no reason to come home at night to a dark door. We do confess that we wish function met a little more with fashion in this's kind of an ugly looking unit. Regardless, we think the Energizer Light on Demand motion activated light is a "kool" and practical idea for every household...definitely worth checking out on your own.

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