Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: As Seen on TV Tool Band-It

The Daily Kool family is very proud of our home. While it may not seem like much to some people, we have spent countless hours decorating every nook and cranny to create a warm, livable environment. We love it and it's all ours...well, ours and the bank's, anyway. The only problem with home ownership is that there is always something that needs to be fixed, refurbished or just maintained. We learned quickly to expect the unexpected and by necessity, we've become quite savvy and adept at many do-it-yourself home repair projects.

We came across an advertisement for the As Seen on TV Tool Band-It the other day...this is definitely another one of those "why oh why didn't we think of this first" products. The Billy Mays endorsed Tool Band-It
is a lightweight, flexible armband with enough magnetic power to keep up to 25lbs worth of tools and other work pieces practically right at your fingertips. This is a great idea for all those minor household projects which typically require an extra person just to manage the tools. Now, we no longer have to say those magical words, "Can you hand me that, honey?" We actually laughed when the infomercial showed a woman holding nails in her mouth for easier access...we do that all the time. We particularly like that it can hook onto a regular pants belt as an alternative to the arm. The Tool Band-It really seems like one of those rare As Seen on TV products that actually does exactly what it says.

We love the versatility of possible uses for the Tool Band-It. From gardening to auto maintenance, crafting to household repair, we can envision many, many ways that the Tool Band-It will keep us more organized and productive. We've actually come across two different offers for the Tool Band-It. The buy one and get a second one offer can be found on the official website and also includes 10 Hercules favorite of ours, and a previously featured "kool" idea (click here to read). The As Seen on TV website offer includes one armband plus a free bonus headlamp for better visibility in darker areas. Both offers are the same price (which is actually pretty reasonable at around $20), so it just comes down to your preference. We will be taking advantage of the buy one get one free Tool Band-It offer...this way, we can keep one for our home and give one to Dad for Father's Day.

The Tool Band-It has given us another reason to justify our addiction to As Seen on TV products. A simple, effective gizmo that will likely become a staple in The Daily Kool household...a handy helper, particularly in more confined areas such as the attic or under the sink. Plus, the Tool Band-It definitely makes a great gift idea. We can't wait to see Dad's reaction on Father's Day...perhaps it will inspire him to move forward on the countless projects our mother needs done around the house. Hey, you never know!

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  1. You know what's also cool? The company that makes and sell the newly launched Tool Band-it is traded publicly for only .09/share!

    Stock Symbol = VBDG

    The Tool Bandit was recently featured on the Discovery Channel's show Pitchmen. The Discovery Channel Forecasts this new VBDG product will sell up to $700,000 per week!!! (Starts 2:25 into it)
    Full Pitchmen episode: