Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles - Imprinted Invitations

The Daily Kool recently received a wedding invitation for a business associate. We've been having some trouble coming up with a gift idea, though. Apparently, they've also been living together for a while, so they probably have many of the essentials. Plus, the couple hasn't registered anywhere, so we're clueless as to what they really need...sigh. Way to make it tough on your guests, guys! Sure, money is always an option, but our egos can't handle such a generic gift...we need to stand out, be remembered and yes, get kudos for our creativity. Okay, so we're a little self-absorbed.

Weddings are a sentimental business, so we've been thinking it might be a good idea to give the couple a gift to reflect the joy of the event itself. We recently came across the Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles website....hmmm. We just may have hit the jackpot with this one. This family-owned Louisiana business specializes in imprinting invitations on their hand-crafted keepsake tiles. In case you're wondering, the company uses an age-old process called sand casting, creating a lovely antique white patina. Plus, it seems incredibly easy to order...simply fill out the order page, download (or email, or even snail mail) the invitation, and the Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tile company handles the rest. Pretty "kool," huh?

There are so many things we love about the idea of giving a Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tile as a wedding gift for our business associate. The etching of the invitation in stone is permanent, creating an everlasting memory that is not only unique, but certainly elegant enough to display in their home. We also appreciate how reasonably priced the Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tile is. Assuming we decide to purchase the tile, plus the display easel they offer, everything (including the $10 shipping cost) would come out just under $75...this price falls within the spending range recommended by wedding etiquette experts.

Sadie Ryan obviously takes great pride in customer satisfaction...these keepsake tiles are offered in two sizes (8.75" x 7" or 10.75" x 6.5"), yet the company keeps the price the same, preferring to allow customers to pick the most appropriate size for their invitation. The company claims they can create a keepsake tile from just about any invitation or card. Plus, it's nice to have the option of including (or excluding) graphics, initials, emblem and even reception information. And, considering each Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tile is personally created at the time of order, a two week turnaround seems more than reasonable.

Although we admit that the fleur-de-lis & scroll antique finish that Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles offers looks stunning, keep in mind that it is the only style that is available. Also, all color ink is converted to black. Don't get us is perfectly fine, especially since there are so many colors that would be unlikely to show up on the stone. However, a nice dark brown would possibly give the tile a softer look and be a viable option the company might want to consider offering their customers.

There is definitely something to be said for taking pride in doing one thing and doing it well. Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles are quite possibly one of the most unusual and timeless wedding presents we have ever come across. This is one gift that would undoubtedly become a treasured heirloom for any couple. We're definitely keeping this "kool" idea in mind for our colleague and his new bride.

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  1. Wow! What a great idea! Thanks for the info!