Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: MIMOBOT Designer USB Flash Drives

When we got this year's required school supply list the other day, we had a bit of a start. Where on earth has the summer gone? School is just kind of sneaking up on us, and we're definitely having a tough time seeing our little babies grow up so fast. If we are so emotional about pre-school for goodness sake, we can just imagine what the parents of new high school and college students are going through right now. Our congratulations (yes, and commiseration) go out to each and every one of you!

We have to admit that we were pretty surprised when a USB flash drive was on the required list for our friend's high school daughter. Things have really changed since our 9th grade days of electronic typewriters...are we dating ourselves, or what? Then again, our third grade son hasn't even mastered cursive writing, and yet his teachers already have him working on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint presentations. That's what we get for putting him in private school, we guess...sigh. Anyway, at least our friend's can now give their daughter a USB flash drive that reflects her personal style. These MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives are becoming quite the collectibles for kids and adults alike. Okay, so designer flash drives do not exactly fall within the "must have" category. But, cute can a little piece of technology get? We can definitely see the appeal of these little guys.

Boston-based design house Mimoco has fused the art of contemporary characters with the functionality of personal data storage devices making its name known in both the pop-culture driven Art Toy underground and the savvy high-tech 'tronic world. Ranging in price accordingly, the distinctive character-based MIMOBOT line offers from 1GB to 8GB of flash memory storage and transport for all your finest and most precious music, docs, pics and other personal data bits and bytes. These MIMOBOT designer USB flash drivesare as "kool" as they come. The Star Wars freaks in our family (okay, fine...we admit to being amongst them) are going nuts over this new Darth Vader Unmasked one.

We appreciate that the MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives have passed rigid consumer electronics testing as required by the government and are FCC/CE certified. Think about how much data you can store in one whimsical and convenient little package. For example, a 1GB drive can hold a whopping 256 MP3 songs (on average). The Daily Kool actually has several MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives...we use them as backup for digital pictures, scanned documents and other important files. Owsley Owlbert is our all-time favorite collectible character, and we use him all the time for day to day business...he's definitely a great conversation piece in the office.

MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives are adorable, functional and just plain fun! Throw practicality out the window and pick up one of these colorful characters. They are definitely worth it, especially for the light-heartedness they'll bring to your day. These collectibles make a great gift idea, especially for that person who has everything. Plus, we can't imagine anyone not appreciating them for the extra storage space alone. MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives are the "koolest" creations we've seen in a long time.

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  1. Okay, the owls are cute, but have you seen these?

    Maybe I just like shiny things....

  2. Whoa...fancy! We like shiny things also. Thanks for sharing, Mariel!