Friday, July 17, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Nordic Ware Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Baking Pan

What better way to celebrate the end of our National Ice Cream Month week-long feature than with cake? Or should we say cupcakes? The Daily Kool family is headed out to a friend's house for dinner together tonight...of course, we're in charge of the dessert (we have a bit of a reputation). Since there's going to be a pretty large group of kids at the house, we thought it might be fun to do something a little different for them.

Take a look at this adorable ice cream cone cupcake baking pan from Nordic Ware. Since we are always on the lookout for unusual novelty pans, we're pretty excited about this one. Do these cupcakes look just like ice cream cones, or what? Gotta love that Nordic Ware! We really love the detail of this pan. Constructed of heavy cast-aluminum, it is non-stick coated for easy cake removal and clean up. Plus, since the pan measures 3" deep and 10.5" across, it will produ
ce six nice size, cone-shaped cupcakes at one time.

Our creative juices are really flowing with possibilities with the Nordic Ware ice cream cone cupcake baking pan, but we're keeping it pretty simple for tonight's event. We're going to bring several cans of Betty Crocker easy flow icing and some sprinkles to make the "ice cream" to top our cupcake cones. The kids can sit down and decorate to their hearts' content. We'll also bring along a couple of containers of real ice cream...our local supermarket has a "buy one, get one free" special going on this week. The kids can top their cupcakes with ice cream instead of the frosting, or maybe we'll just give each of them a plate and put a scoop on the side so they can have it all...yep, that's probably the way we'll go.

As with all high quality baking pans, we strongly recommend hand-washing this one. Hey, superior baking comes at a superior price (around $35), so we'd prefer our pans to last forever. Also, make sure to grease the Nordic Ware
ice cream cone cupcake baking pan very well to avoid stickiness. With so many intricate details to create the realistic effect, even a non-stick coating just isn't enough. Pam baking spray with flour (found in your local supermarket) always gives us excellent results. Experiment with a boxed cake mix's easier, kids love it, and it tends to have the great consistency for beginners with these kinds of pans.

It's just too bad we can only make six cupcakes at a time...we'll be spending most of the day in the kitchen baking. But, with this super "kool" Nordic Ware
ice cream cone cupcake baking pan, we are absolutely going to be the hit of the party tonight. Yeah we know we're showoffs, but could we resist?

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  1. This is a cute one! Cupcakes disguised as ice cream... sneaky.