Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: As Seen on TV EuroSealer Bag Sealer

Our wedding ten years ago (yikes!) was a beautiful Victorian affair with rich fabrics, bold colors and flowers in every corner. We even found these beautiful jewel-toned potpourri pillows at a local flea market. Each pillow was an actual picture frame, and we decided to use them for place card holders/party favors. Thank goodness they were all individually wrapped or the scents would have been overwhelming! Anyway, we spent the last night before our wedding carefully cutting open each pouch, putting the place card in the holder and resealing the plastic wrap. It was a long and tedious process, but the results were truly magnificent.

We have the As Seen on TV EuroSealer to thank for making our little wedding project work. Designed to provide an inexpensive and easy way to perfectly reseal unused portions of food in seconds, the EuroSealer was a perfect solution to reseal the plastic bags for our place card holders. Talk about thinking outside of the box (thanks, Mom...for everything). Believe it or not, the EuroSealer was about the same price ($9 or so) ten years ago as it is today, and is just as innovative an idea for creating an airtight seal along the edge of any plastic bag in just seconds.

Our EuroSealer lasted up until just a few months ago. That's right, we got almost a decade of use out of this little guy. We've used it on just about every plastic bag we could think of, including frozen fruit and vegetables, crackers, chips, even frozen waffles. There is a little learning curve to adjust to each type of bag, depending on the flimsiness of the plastic bag, but we've never had a problem getting the right seal. The trick is to find the right balance of pressure and speed. Our wedding project gave us enough practice to become experts with the EuroSealer.

When the little strip that holds the heat finally wore off after literally thousands uses, it was as if it
marked the end of an era in our lives...okay, so we're a little sentimental. We were so happy when we saw the As Seen on TV EuroSealer display at our local Bed, Bath and Beyond. Needless to say, now that we have one back on our fridge, the EuroSealer has definitely earned its feature on The Daily Kool. Imagine our surprise at the mixed reviews we came across on Amazon...we just can't understand why anyone would have an issue with the EuroSealer. It's not fancy, but it gets the job done, locking in freshness and flavor quickly and conveniently. Apparently, many complaints have come from people who didn't realize that it takes two AA batteries to work. Once they figured that out, problem solved.

Maybe we're biased because of our history with the EuroSealer, but this is one As Seen on TV investment that has really paid off over the years. Our new one works just as well as the original, and we use it almost every day. The bag cutter works great, and is a nice extra. We love that although it uses heat to seal the bags, it cools off immediately. Overall, the As Seen on TV EuroSealer is a great alternative to plastic clips and twist-ties. Plus, it really cuts down on the need for storage bags. Easy to use, convenient and inexpensive, this is one "kool" idea that is definitely worth trying out.

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