Monday, July 6, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: SKLZ Sport-Brella Portable Sun and Weather Umbrella Shelter

The Daily Kool had a great Fourth of July holiday this past weekend. We went to our parents, had an amazing barbecue lunch (courtesy of Dad and Weber's Way to Grill), enjoyed Mom's famous pasta salad and spent the early afternoon playing games with the kids. Ah, family gotta love it. Okay, who are we kidding? Fourth of July is all about the fireworks. Our city park has a spectacular concert and fireworks event every year, and the kids spend all afternoon, anxiously waiting for it to be time to go to the show. Unfortunately, the sun is still brutally strong when the show begins, and by the time it gets dark, the evening rains inevitably come out to put a damper (couldn't resist the pun) on our fireworks fun. Sure, we have a beach umbrella that we use to ward off the elements, but it's cumbersome and doesn't provide nearly enough coverage for our family of four.

We recently came across the SKLZ Sport-Brella portable sun and weather umbrella shelter during our online research for a better solution to our problem. Okay, we really have to get a hold of one of these! The SKLZ Sport-Brella is a unique combination of a beach umbrella and sun tent that offers instant portable protection from the sun, rain and wind. The YouTube demo shows how this super-size umbrella opens in just seconds...folks, if you can open an umbrella, you can open the SKLZ Sport-Brella. Press the red button to open, stake the main pole into the ground and stake the two side flaps (stowed with a hook) for a completely angled shell and dome-effect shelter. We love the great air flow ventilation that the SKLZ Sport-Brella boasts...simply unzip the side flaps to display the meshed window. Plus, there is extra ventilation on the top for extra stability, preventing lift off the ground with any incoming breeze. The best part? This smart, heavy-duty polyester shelter is lined with a metallic undercoating, providing seven-feet of UPF 50+...the ultimate in sun protection.

SKLZ Sport-Brella portable sun and weather umbrella shelter certainly seems like an ideal solution for any family who spends time outdoors. Perfect on the sidelines at sporting events, picnics or by the shore, this "kool" idea goes way beyond a traditional beach umbrella...though it certainly can be used as one of those. It's light, easy to set up and is large enough to provide maximum shade from harmful UVA & UVB rays for up to four children or two adults. And yes, it would have been perfect at the park for our Fourth of July fireworks show...who knew? We can't wait to get the SKLZ Sport-Brella home...then, we're headed straight for the beach!

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  1. This definitely a "Kool" addition to our bg of beach parapernilia. Living here in south Florida, I love to hear about easy sun protection that makes staying at the beach all day fun and safe. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Wow! that's a cool umbrella. Wish i could buy one, because my family and i really love going to beach every sunday to relax.
    And Nice blog you have..


  3. Thank you for the comments...and compliments Heather and Loreyn. We appreciate it! Let us know if you decide to buy the Sport-Brella and how you like it!

  4. stays on the spokes break easily and often...not worth buying until this is corrected

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