Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Summer Reading Programs at Your Local Library

The summer has been a unique challenge to finding ways to entertain the kids, especially since they are not participating in camp this year. Yes folks, The Daily Kool is doing their own family camp this time'd be amazed at how many things you can do with your kids this summer without breaking the bank. From free/$1 movies (check out Regal and AMC) to bowling (, parks to pools, there really are plenty of things to do on a budget. Summertime will be over before we know it though, and our children are already experiencing the "summer slide" syndrome...when school starts up again, many kids will be backpedaling to recapture the 3 months of learning that they have lost from the previous year. How do we encourage our children to keep their minds active during the summer?

Believe it or not, the best answer is at your local is absolutely the best bargain in town! We were astounded at how many terrific programs the library offers over the summer to help motivate kids to keep up with their reading. This is not just bluster either...there have been many studies proving that children who participate in summer reading activities have a significant advantage when school starts again in the fall. Most libraries have state-sponsored summer events which include storytelling, music, creative arts and other performances. We have attended some terrific puppet shows and our oldest son even learned a few tricks from a yo-yo profession who performed last week. How "kool" is that?

You should have seen our four year old at the library last week. He now has his very own library card (just like big brother), personally and painstakingly signed by him...he's so proud! Grandma Marie, one of the senior citizen volunteers, gave both kids their own reading journals...every time they read a book, they just write down the title and color in one of the spaces. When the journal is filled, they get a simple, yet so exciting for them. There are also fabulous summer programs for teens and adults...the library truly has something for everyone.

The long, hot days of summer provide lots of time to read. Summer reading programs at your local library are a great way to help foster your children's love of books. They also create a wonderful opportunity to bond with your matter how adept they become at independent reading, our children still love being read to as well. Take the time to see what your local library is offering this might just surprise you. Relaxing and reading with our children has definitely become The Daily Kool's favorite summertime activity.

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