Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop

Here at The Daily Kool, our arms are getting quite the workout this summer...well, at least one arm, anyway. Our kids have been having one playdate after another at the house, and we've been doling out ice cream scoops practically by the dozen each day. Dig, twirl, release...dig, twirl release. Such is our life. It's amazing how one single perfect scoop of ice cream just seems to brighten a child's day...wait a minute, did we say perfect? A lofty, yet often elusive goal, we know. But apparently (and we've just recently learned this, mind you), a dish or cone of ice cream just tastes better to a kid if it has that professional, ice cream parlor look. Go figure, but kudos are important in the world of parenthood...we'll take what we can get. Pretty shallow of us, isn't it?

Good thing we have our Zeroll original ice cream scoop. We know, we ice cream scoop is really not something most people think twice about when getting. Ours was a bridal shower gift ten years ago (yikes, has it been that long?). We do admit though, our
Zeroll original ice cream scoop has gotten plenty of use over the years and is arguably still the best on the market. The Daily Kool has certainly never considered or needed a replacement. The secret is a heat-conductive, anti-freeze solution encased within an aluminum alloy. The fluid in the handle responds to the warmth of the hand, helping the bowl roll and release even the hardest ice cream instantly.

Zeroll original ice cream scoop is actually pretty comfortable to use, regardless of whether you're right or left-handed (we have both in our family). Plus, it is apparently a top choice of ice cream parlors. However, this professional-grade ice cream scoop does come with a couple of note-worthy considerations. It is absolutely, positively, without a doubt not dishwasher safe...keep temptation away, folks! Trust us, we are as lazy as the next person, but even we take the time to hand-wash this one. One cycle in the dishwasher can render the anti-freeze fluid useless, so don't take the chance. Plus, even the best ice cream scoop in the world may need a little help every once in a while. If your ice cream has formed into a solid block in the freezer, try pre-warming the handle in lukewarm water for a few seconds, then dry quickly with a soft cloth before scooping. Allowing the ice cream to temper a bit results in a faster and effortless scoop and release.

Zeroll original ice cream scoop is so innovative that it's apparently been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Art? Well, our ice cream scoops do come out beautiful enough for the kids to make great funny faces out of mini M&Ms, marshmallows and licorice...does that count? Perhaps it's a little pricey (around $15), but the Zeroll original ice cream scoop is definitely worth it. With the proper care, this product just might make it through another decade of marriage. How "kool" is that?

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